Best Way to Capture Hulu Video

Like most video-sharing websites, Hulu doesn’t offer a download icon to save video from Furthermore, after many times of trying, you will get to know that the common tools which you use to save videos are not able to capture video from hulu. It is totally a different story.

How can you find an authentically workable tool to save hulu videos? Worse still, if you query in Google, so many software reveals to you claiming that they can capture hulu videos. Frankly to say, very few works indeed. Actually you can find a solution to solve this problem.

The new-added technology to record RTMP video stream is what you need to download HULU videos diretcly from website, try it out now.

Now that the Hulu videos are encrypted by DRM, you just need a program to capture hulu video from computer screen and this will circumvent the obstacle.

So this is it, what you need is Streaming Video Recorder. This one is different from many other programs out there which are only suitable to record unprotected videos. The additional record screen feature makes it also powerful to capture hulu streaming video to computer.

downloadDownload Streaming Video Recorder Now

capture hulu video

Directions to capture video from hulu instantly:

After downloading the Recorder, quickly install and launch it. You will see intuitive interface with three main functions are that record, convert and record screen.

The screen recording capability enables you to capture hulu videos right now.
1. Prior to recording video, you can specify related settings in Option like output folder, hotkeys of beginning and stopping recording.

As for the audio import, the recorder default chooses speakers. If your computer is not using this one, you can pick out the working one from the drop-down list so that you will not capture hulu video without audio.

2. Open your intended video on Hulu and click “Record Screen” tab then you will be allowed to make a rectangle region to include the window which is on display the video. Then click “OK” and it will start recording the video.

capture hulu streaming video

You can either capture video from hulu in customized window size or in full screen. Just adjust the record area accordingly.

capture video from hulu

3. When the video is over, you can stop capturing by clicking “stop recording” or the hotkey you preset.

Lastly the built-in media player enables you to view the video on it. Besides, you can enjoy the captured hulu videos on a variety portable devices or video players by making use of Video Converter.

About Hulu

Hulu is a website where you can watch a great many of free TV shows, movies, clips, behind-the-scenes footage from big television network like ABC or NBC or other studio and resources. The TV episodes there update soon and new videos are constantly added, giving us great joyful to view many good videos.

You may look forward to capture hulu video for playing back conveniently without Internet connection or replaying later at desired time or place. Whatever the reason is, if you have this need and just have no idea about how to capture hulu stream, just try Streaming Video Recorder and you won’t be disappointed.

It will be your one-stop utility of fulfilling different needs to capture hulu video as well as any other websites to which you desired. There also will not any problems for you to record Netflix movies if you are Netflix subscriber.