How to copy Facebook videos

I am trying to copy a video from my friend’s Facebook account, because she has lost the original file. My problem is that I can’t find an easy way to copy video from Facebook. According to the search, I have to watch the video on the web browser and then save it from my computer’s cache. Confused and unsuccessful! So how can I copy Facebook videos?

Facebook is a large social networking site. It is helpful when people use it for connecting or sharing with friends. Just like MySpace or other network sites, you will find some videos that interesting you and you should be glad to be able to copy Facebook videos easily for viewing later.

copy Facebook videos

Record, download or copy video from Facebook using Streaming Video Recorder. If you happen to like the video that you run across on Facebook, you can copy it with this software even easier than you can imagine!

Streaming Video Recorder is a new technology that provides recording video from any online video sources. This program includes all of the powerful features for downloading and converting videos that let you record streaming videos, record streaming TV and convert videos to any popular formats (mov, mp4, 3gp, mp3 etc). Compare with other ways for copy Facebook video, this is all automatic. You just need to play your loved videos; Streaming Video Recorder will automatically rip videos from Facebook and save them all.

Let’s know how to copy video from Facebook step by step.

Download the free Streaming Video Recorder from here. Then install and open it.

There are a few things you may want to change before you rip videos from Facebook. You have the ability to customize the settings with this software. Click “Settings”, you can specify the destination folder where you will save the videos.

When you’re ready to copy Facebook video, open the video page and play the video. Streaming Video Recorder will immediately detect the video stream and rip videos from Facebook to the destination folder directly.

copy Facebook video

OK, now you really have the copy of Facebook videos in your PC. This program also allows you to convert Facebook videos to more popular formats such as wmv, mpeg4, 3gp etc. Click “Convert” to the video conversion panel and follow some simple steps to do so.

That’s it. Copy Facebook video on to your PC couldn’t be easier. Now whenever you like a video on Facebook, download and save it on to your computer and enjoy. The program is also useful for downloading nearly any video that can be viewed on the internet today, such as TV Show, online popular anime, MySpace and AOL video. For more information, please refer to:

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