How to download Hindi video songs

I like to listen to Hindi music, although I do not understand what they are singing about, but I never tired of the beautiful melodies. And today I found a few good Hindi video songs on YouTube, the Indian women on those videos are super beautiful, who can also sing and dance. Wow, I love them so much! What puzzles me is how can I get the Hindi video songs download for my iPod? And does anyone know a site to free download Hindi video songs?

Now there are now plenty of sites where we can watch free Hindi video songs, but we can hardly download Hindi video songs.

You can find many free awesome Hindi video songs on YouTube:

In this article of how to download Hindi video songs, we will know the methods to download Hindi music videos from YouTube or other online music video sources. And by using these methods to download videos for iPod, iPhone, MP4 Player, etc, there is no trouble to install any FLV players or video converters.

Streaming Video Recorder, this program provides the function to automatically detect and download the YouTube video into mp4, mov, 3gp, avi, mp3 and other formats.

Steps to get the Hindi video songs download are simple:

1, Download Streaming Video Recorder, run the program after installation.

2, Find your favorite Hindi music video and make it play. When the music video starts playing, the program could auto monitor the video stream and download Hindi music videos directly to your computer.

3, Go to the video convert section of the program, choose the videos you want to convert and select the format you want to convert to, such as mp4, avi, mp3, etc. press “Start” to convert videos.

There are also some other online tutorials to download videos from the web, but they are often too complex. But, unknown to many, this is indeed a very easy way to free download Hindi video songs or download any of your favorite videos with above simple steps.

Today we are going to give you another convenient tool to download Hindi music videos – YouTube Downloader. This YouTube Downloader supports YouTube, Google Video, DailyMotion,, Revver and many others. It can help you easily download Hindi video songs from video sharing sites; and it integrates with video converter and FLV video player, download, play and convert video could be done with only one program!

The process to download Hindi video songs is also very simple:

Find your favorite Hindi music video’s URL, enter the URL address to the URL box of the program to start download video.

Remember that once the Hindi video songs download finished on your computer, it is in its original format (for example: .flv). If you need to convert it, go to the “Videos Converter” window to convert the video to other video formats before you can play it.

The video download and conversion speed is very fast.

It is indeed very exciting when you encounter some wonderful or classic videos that you want to download them for your video collections. If you need a little point in the right direction then check out this how to download Hindi music videos guide.