How to download LiveLeak video

download videos from LiveLeakTo leak real war scenes and activities from different countries of world, like Iraq and Afghanistan, is a video website which mainly focuses on current events, especially for politics, military and wars.

You can know about real frontline situations and news of warfare districts, and awesome or funny entertainment videos. At times, you probably wonder how to download liveleak video, maybe because you want to save some LiveLeak videos for later playback at your own will.

Like most video sharing sites, has no download option and link. Now, if this is the first time of you to save video off website, the LiveLeak Downloader which I’d like to suggest will give you a good start. Even if you are an experienced downloader, the software will be another better download tool.

download LiveLeak videoFree download LiveLeak Downloader now

A demo to show the steps to record LiveLeak videos

See, when video is loaded onto web page, subsequently the download task will be started in no time.
The process of how to record video is easy and fast that will be finished in only 3 steps. After that, the video convert feature will satisfy needs of various viewing ways, that extend from computer to many other portable devices, such as, iPhone 4S, iPod, Creative Zune, Pocket PC.

Additionally, to record LiveLeak videos is not the only purpose of the competent software. Just try using it to rip online video from many popular sites, e.g. YouTube, TwitchTV, Break, VEVO, 5min, Google video.

How to record video based on web browsers.

1. Temporary Internet Folder/Cache

Browsers like IE, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera have temporary internet file cache. Therefore after finishing watching your wanted LiveLeak video, you can find the video file within browser’s Internet option.

Take IE browser for example to make you clear:

Find “Tools” icon (looks like a gear) on toolbar, then choose Internet Options from the drop-down menu. Under General section, click the “setting” option which can be found in the “Browsing history” part. Then you will see “View files” and click it. At last, you just copy the LiveLeak video file to your desired saving place on PC hard drive.


a. In case of many videos needs downloading, and then you will take time to play all the videos completely so as to get them in browser. Compared to download LiveLeak video with professional standalone downloader, it will cost you much more time and energy.

b. Wanting to record LiveLeak videos for accessing on the move? You shall go to convert videos for playback on your wireless digital player, which could be smart phone, tablet PC, MP4 player and so on.

2. Browser Extension

Some handy browser add-ons, like Firefox Video Download Helper and Internet Download Manager. They work based on browser that when the LiveLeak video is loading, they can detect them and give you options to download videos from LiveLeak to specified destination. This is also a good choice for you.