How to download movies from YouTube

As the largest video sharing site, YouTube owns countless number of videos. A part of YouTube videos are created and uploaded by YouTube users who are from around the world. That’s to say, you can upload your own interesting video clips or movies to YouTube. But I am sorry to tell you that YouTube isn’t available for downloading videos.

If you are a YouTube fan, you may upload some short videos and often go into it for watching some funny or meaningful movies or videos online. Enjoying movies on YouTube online usually can’t meet many people’s demand when they are busy. They hope they can watch their wanted YouTube movies or videos offline, so they are eager to download movies from YouTube and save to hard disc.

But how to download movies from YouTube? Are you puzzled by the issue? If yep, please go on reading the following paragraphs.

Because YouTube can’t provide anyone to download videos or movies, I guess you need some tools to download movies from YouTube.

Here are the ways to download movies from YouTube.

Tool 1: Camera or Camcorder (hardware)

If you have a camera or camcorder and a USB cable, you can download you wanted movies from YouTube easily.

Firstly, open and find, play the YouTube movie. Then use your camcorder or camera to record the movie on computer screen. When you are recording your YouTube movie, you should keep still. Otherwise, the recorded movies will be fuzzy and blurry. But even if you focus on recording, the quality of the recorded movie isn’t good.

Tool 2: Streaming Video Recorder (software)

If you haven’t a camcorder or you don’t want the bad quality output movies, you can also use a third party application. In the software market, there are piles of similar programs to download YouTube movies, such as YouTube Grabber, Vixy, Zamzar, and KeepVid, and so on. They have their own merits and demerits respectively.

In this page, I recommend you a versatile application – Streaming Video Recorder, which can download and record videos, movies, TV shows from almost popular video sites. So please use it as a YouTube movie downloader to download movies from YouTube.

The YouTube video is in FLV (Flash Video), which is a highly compressed file. After downloading the movies from YouTube, many people want to convert the output FLV movies to other formats that are suitable for the digital players because not every player can play FLV videos.

Now don’t worry about this small problem. This Streaming Video Recorder has the conversion function. On the main screenshot of it, you can click “Convert” icon to convert your FLV movie to MP4 that is fit for your iPhone or iPad after you download movies from YouTube.

Tips: By the way, you can use the tool as a video converter to convert your videos to any formats as you need.

download movies from YouTubeFree download YouTube Movies Downloader Now

What a powerful tool it is! Do you want to know how to download movies from YouTube with the help of it?

The guide of how to download movies from YouTube:

Step1: Go into and find the movie that you want to download.
Step2: Open and run the Streaming Video Recorder and it will detect the YouTube movie.
Step3: It assists you to download YouTube movies automatically while you play the movies on YouTube.

Tips: If you are worried about the quality of output videos or movies, you can preview them by clicking “Play” or double click the downloaded videos or movies because it owns a built-in Apowersoft media player.

Other Ways to download movies from YouTube:
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