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Question: Hello, I’m trying to download NFL games using the real player but it only captures the ad and I really need a good program to download video from NFL saved to my computer. So, what is the best program to download videos from NFL and other sites? No easy answer like try savevid or keepvid, they are not in use anymore.

Answer: is the online home for NFL Network video. Thanks to this site you are able to watch millions of free online NFL videos. However, watching video online is not enough. Many people may wish to download NFL videos to enjoy their favorite videos on iPod, PS3 and more to watch them at any time.

Streaming Video Recorder is created to make your video downloading easily and quickly. It is one of the most popular software to download video from NFL and other sites. This powerful Streaming Video Recorder helps you to download videos from NFL with super quality. And it also works as a professional converter to help you convert videos to all types of file formats like mp4, avi, wmv, 3gp and mp3 so that you can use them with any kind of media player.

How to download NFL videos?

Then how to download NFL games? The below little tutorial will show you how to download  NFL video with a few simple steps.

Visit Streaming Video Recorder’s download page and click “Download Now” to have this software downloaded onto your computer. Double-click the .exe install file to install it and open the program.

Before we download NFL video, click “Settings” to set up a folder which you will put the downloaded NFL videos in.

Find a video on NFL that you wish to download then play it. The program could automatically detect the video and start to download video from NFL.

When downloading completes, all videos will be stored on your computer. You can open the folder to view the videos.

With Streaming Video Recorder you can download video from NFL and other sites in its original format or you can convert it to other file formats (MPEG4, DivX, WMV, 3GP, etc) by click “Convert” button.

As you can see, the steps to download NFL video are so simple. No need of copying and pasting URLs, videos are downloaded automatically. If you have Streaming Video Recorder, you won’t need to use other tools, with it you can both download and convert videos.

Why We Need Streaming Video Recorder?

This Streaming Video Recorder is a powerful program for downloading, converting and editing video streaming. You may need this all-in-one program to download NFL videos in the following situations.

1. How can I download NFL games from

There was a video of NFL game on the website that I want to have. I was wondering how I might be able to download it. I know somehow you can download videos from NFL because I know there’re people who have done this. If anyone who knows, please help!

2. Is it possible download video from NFL?

I’m trying to download a video from NFL but it won’t let me. I tried many programs to do this but all come up as error. So, is it possible to download the videos found on How to convert/download videos?

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