3 recommended ways to download online TV shows

With internet access to thousands of homes and technology improvements of streaming media services, most of us are able to watch online TV shows easily. While, after working for long hours, you may don’t have enough time to enjoy your favorite shows online. So, probably, you are requesting how to download online TV shows for offline playback.

Then what are possible ways to download online TV shows without striking a blowing?

1. The straightest way to download online TV shows

Millions of streaming media websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Hulu.com, Sling.com, Yahoo video, ESPN, and livestation, wwiTV online TV sites provide sports, news, documentaries, comedies and all sorts of videos. Users only need to click “play” to stream what they like. Now only download a third-party program – Streaming Video Recorder and then you can record online TV shows from any of those websites straightly.

Streaming Video Recorder uses its built-in sniffer to detect the right video URL address and will download the video automatically. Simply put, whenever you have interests in downloading online TV shows, you only need to search and play them online.

If you want to watch episodes on your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, apply Streaming Video Recorder to batch download episodes of online TV shows and convert them to any popular video format according to your demand.

How to download online TV shows and movies with Streaming Video Recorder?

Follow the 2 steps whenever you want to download online TV shows:

1.  Download, Install and Run Streaming Video Recorder.

2. Play your favorite online TV shows (e.g. Facebook vides). Streaming Video Recorder can detect the real location of the streaming videos and will start to record Facebook video automatically.

2. How to download online TV from PPStream, Sopcast, and other P2P software

Instead of watching online TV shows on websites, sometimes, you may like to do it on P2P software. P2P internet software is used to stream internet source of movies and shows to local hosts including Windows Media Player, PPLive, Coolstreaming, Feidian, etc. Programs with the name of P2P TV recorder help you download TV shows online for free.

3. Downloading online TV shows with Free Video Downloader

Another way to download movies and online TV shows is that you can Google Free Video Downloader.

At first, when you open Free Video Downloader, select optimal parameters as best quality and choose download option by clicking “ON” mode. Then, fill the “paste URL” box with your online TV shows address and then it will start to download online TV shows.


From comparing the above 3 programs to download free online TV shows, Streaming Video Recorder wins out for how to rip online videos, converting and editing videos. Here we list the main functions of Streaming Video Recorder.

Main features of Streaming Video Recorder while downloading online TV shows:

  • Supports Millions of free online TV channels
  • Automatically detects and records online streaming TV shows
  • Lets you download several online TV shows at a time
  • Downloads online TV shows with rapid speed
  • With built-in powerful TV shows converter, so you can convert the downloaded TV shows to any kind of video formats.
  • Customizes your recorded online TV shows
  • Personalizes output sound effects for your portable players or Flash players