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Requirements: Windows OS 32/64 bit
File Size: 28.4 MB
Version: 4.1.9(Build 11/21/2012)
Last Updated: 11/21/2012
Support: Free Lifetime
Upgrades: Free for the same version
Delivery: Instant download
Supported Languages: English French German Italian Spanish
Stream Video Recorder

If you are using Mac OS X, Please Download Mac OS Video Downloader

The software is completely clean: NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE, NO POPUPS, NO MALWARE or other unwanted software. Read Full Report from Virustotal - VirusTotal is one of the most useful service to analyzes suspicious files and URLs.

Streaming Video Recorder V4.1.9 Released( 11/21/2012 )New
  1. Fix the bug: it outputs videos with no sound when recording screen.
Streaming Video Recorder V4.1.8 Released( 11/13/2012 )
  1. Added functionality of downloading videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion in your preferred formats.
  2. HD formats

  3. Minor bugs fixed
Streaming Video Recorder V4.1.7 Released( 10/25/2012 )
  1. Fixed various bugs
Streaming Video Recorder V4.1.5 Released( Sep 07, 2012 )
  1. Support Windows 8 operating system
  2. Added HotKey tab under Options, the improved shortcut keys and the boss key enable you control this program easier
  3. Support to make audio settings in Screen Recording tab
  4. Added the function of presetting the resolution when customize the recording region
  5. Fixed various bugs
Streaming Video Recorder V4.1.3 Released( July 18, 2012 )
  1. Fixed the bug: the MKV video with multi-vorbis turns to have no voice after converting to other formats
  2. Add the icon of Clear IE Cache and View IE Cache in the built-in browser of Advanced Video Recorder. It clears IE Cache so that you can play and capture RTMP video normally. And it allows you to view videos or music files right inside IE Cache.
Streaming Video Recorder V4.1.2 Released( July 03, 2012 )
  1. Added Rename function in the download list, you can rename the downloaded video files to match your desired name.
  2. Support deleting the video files from disk directly via the interface.
  3. The downloaded videos or downloading tasks will remain in the download list before deleting it manually.
  4. You can modify the user interface whether display full screen or drag its size at will.
Streaming Video Recorder V4.0.3 Released( May 12, 2012 )
  1. Fixed bug with downloading videos from,,
  2. Fixed unreadable text while installing with Non-English language on English Windows
  3. Added support for
  4. Added Portuguese-Brazil translation
  5. Added Turkish translation
  6. Various small improvements
V4.0.1 Released( Apr 19, 2012 )
  1. Fixed the problem that unable to play and convert the downloaded videos, which is caused by playback while downloading it
  2. Corrected indication of the progress bar while transferring video to itunes.
  3. Improved the build-in media player that can be enlarged to full screen or customized the size by dragging the frame.
  4. Added social bookmark icons to share the software to others.
V4.0.0 Released( Mar 20, 2012 )
  1. Support Recording video streamed in RTMP/RTMPE, so you can download videos/Episodes/TV Shows from Hulu, Netflix, CBS, PBS, ABC etc.
  2. Enhanced video downloader, support playback while downloading.
  3. Enhanced built-in media player, now you can control it by shortcut keys while playing videos.
  4. Fixed a few bugs for video converting.
  5. Improved the stability of WMV video output in screen recorder.
  6. Various bugs fixed.
V3.0.4 Released( Mar 6, 2012 )
  1. FIXED: External subtitle doesn't display correctly
  2. FIXED: The converted videos cannot be opened or there is only audio on iPhone
  3. Improved Performance
  4. Various bugfixed
V3.0.2 Released( Feb 20, 2012 )
  1. Optimized Screen Recorder
  2. Added DIVX and QuickTime format
  3. Various bugfixes
V3.0.0 Released( Feb 17, 2012 )

1, More stable to download and Record videos

We have fixed several problems to make the download process and built-in streaming video recorder work more stable. And we will add more videos sites to URL download in 3.0.x. (Upgrade is free for all users)

Currently we have added several famous video sites from France and German, like,,,, etc.

download stable and fast

2, Screen Recorder in the program is more powerful

In order to help user record some living streaming video and TV, we apply the latest screen recording software to Streaming Video Recorder 3.0, you can choose to record screen video or only record audio voice from system sound and microphone.

Record video Audio

You can set customized settings about recording mouse cursor, for example: Record right and left click animation and color of the click.

Show Mouse hot spot with the size you settled.

Record Mouse

Choose Recording area like full screen, windows or custom area by dragging.

3, Combined with New video Converter

We have added the latest video converter to Streaming Video Recorder, which not only support convert latest video formats like HTML5 video, you can add external subtitle and audio to the video you recorded and downloaded.

convert online video

The built-in Video editor is much easier to use now, you can trim, crop videos freely, and adjust effect (Contrast, Brightness, Saturation) of the video.

edit online video

Merge several videos into one.

This feature is useful when you download episodes, movie, and videos from online site and want to merge them into one video.

merge online video

Family protect

Although SVR support download and record videos from most adult videos sites, you can hide adult websites in this program if you have kids and don’t want to show these sites.
Family protect
As you can see, with Streaming Video Recorder 3.0, you can download, convert, and edit video more easily, it will be your best video manager.

Collect your favorite videos from online sites and combine them together for uploading YouTube or burning to dvd.

Streaming Video Recorder V2.3.5 Released( Oct 18, 2011 )

1, Added the function of recording video from screen

2, Support copy DVD or CD videos off PC screen

3, You can now use it to create videos from PC desktop screen

Any Online Video Resources Are Ready For You

The Streaming Video Recorder is compatible with many popular video formats and support to record streaming videos from a great number of online video websites and resources like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, BBS, PBS, CNN, etc.

Streaming Video Recorder

Easy to Use Streaming Video Recorder

The Streaming Video Recorder is able to auto-detect the video sources and download videos to your hard disk at fluent speed and good quality. The intuitive interface with multiple customize options helps you to download videos as you like.

So just download Streaming Video Recorder with high technology to easily record online streaming videos, streaming movies, video clips, embedded videos and video music.

auto-detect streams

Alternatively Record Computer Screen Video

Apart from downloading video as a file from website, you can either record any streaming videos based on Computer screen. Namely, you can record videos regardless of DRM protection or technological differences that between Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight Player. In one word, just record all streaming videos without limitations from pc screen.

record screen

Multi-functional Video Converter

A professional Video Converter is embedded within Streaming Video Recorder. This Converter enables you to change video formats help remove incompatible issue between downloaded videos and digital players. It supports conversions of formats like MP4, FlV, MKV, 3GP, WMV, AVI, MOV, AAC, MP3, WMA, AC3, etc.

With it, you can make downloaded videos be viewed on portable devices such as iPhone, PSP, blackberry, iPod, cell phone, etc or burn videos to DVD or CD discs or extract music or audio from videos.

convert videos

Batch Record Online Videos

You can open several webpage with desired videos and let Streaming Video Recorder automatically batch record them at fast speed via optimal bandwidth. Or alternatively you can add several Video URLs to Recorder for simultaneous downloading.

Preset- Video Search bar and Media Player

You can directly search for available videos in some reserved well-known websites including YouTube, Metacafe with the Video Search bar. You just enter the keywords and then it will return you all related results as thumbnail previews. A click on a thumbnail preview will open the video in default browser and startup the Record for automated downloading.

Download Streaming Video Recorder with a built-in media player is convenient for you to watch different formatted recorded or local videos. It can be used as full player to view videos in full screen.

V2.3.3 Released (Oct 11th,2011)
  1. Optimized Video Recorder.
  2. Various UI improvements
V2.2.0 Released (Jan 23th,2011)
  1. Improved video recorder function.
  2. Improved download function to make it more stable.
  3. Improved video trim/cop function.
  4. Improved video player.
V2.1.0 Released (Apr 2th,2010)
  1. Fixed the bug of detecting and recording videos from YouTube, Google,,;
  2. Support recording 360P/480P/720P/1080P YouTube videos.New
V2.0.9 Released (Feb 11th,2010)
  1. Supported recording videos and movie from; New
  2. Recording media from website which is using other tcp port;
V2.0.8 Released (Jan 18th,2010)
  1. Fixed "Couldn't find network card" bug; New
  2. Fixed some bugs, and optimized for better stability;
V2.0.7 Released (Nov 10th,2009)
  1. Support 64-bit Operating System;
V2.0.4 Released (Aug 15th,2009)
  1. Added the support of multiple languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish;
  2. Fixed some bugs, and optimized for better stability;
V2.0.0 Released (July 28th,2009)
  1. Added support of recording all social videos, TV and music videos;
  2. Optimized converting to any video formats as you want.
V1.0.1 Released (Nov 14,2008)
  1. Download any online TV shows, record any streaming video;
  2. Download videos off video sharing sites like YouTube, Yahoo, Google, etc;
  3. Support worldwide online TV channels, including NBC, CBS, BBC, etc;
  4. Embed more than 1600 free online TV channels collection;
  5. Be really easy-to-use with high speed processing.
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