How to download videos from aol

Have you ever heard of AOL? AOL, normally short for American Online, is a plentiful and comprehensive website that provides a wide range of service and contents, including news, entertainment, finance, technology, lifestyle, games etc.

A large number of people once asked questions like “how can I download movie trailer from AOL” or “is there any video downloader to download video” on the forum. For this reason, I can’t help giving tips about how to download videos from AOL.

The best way to solve your problem, don’t miss it

Streaming video recorder is such an ideal software that can download AOL video and movies with ease. What’s more, it allows you to download videos from other video-sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Myspace, Yahoo!Video, Hulu etc. This program downloads video at high speed an HD quality. You can readily achieve this effect by several simple steps.

Procedure of how to download AOL videos:

1. Download this program, install and run it.

2. Open the, and play the video you want to record.

Remind you: Make sure you launch the program before you play the video.

3. The program will automatically grab the video URL while the video is playing, and add the video file to download immediately.

4. When download is finished, you can open folder to play your video or convert video format.

Helpful features for both novice and regular users:

1. If you want to watch video while downloading, it’s ok, you just right-click on the video and choose “play”. If you dislike waiting the process of downloading, just minimize the interface and continue to scan other websites.


2. Usually, the videos on are flv format. Thus, if you need other formats except .flv, you can convert video format with the built-in converter to the right one for your iPhone, iPod and other devices. It contains a large part of formats like avi, mkv, mp4, wmv, 3gp, flv, swf, etc.


3. If you accidently exit the program when it’s downloading, there is no necessary to feel anxious about downloading it over again. So long as you launch the program again and right-click “Start” button, it will continue to download the rest.

Comparison between Video DownloaderHelper and Streaming Video Recorder

Of course, it does exist other way to download videos from AOL, one of the commonest AOL downloaders is Video DownloadHelper, an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. It aims at downloading any videos and images.

Speak of this AOL video downloader, next let’s see distinctions between Firfox Video Downloader and Streaming Video Recorder. The list below is about their merits and defects respectively.

Merits and defects of Video DownloadHelper:

1. A free video and image downloader plug-in for Mozilla Firefox.
2. Easy to download video as you just click “save” button to the destination file.
3. Only download a video each time.
4. You have to install an external converter and register it, that is, the converter charge fees for its service.
5. Unable to download videos in RTMP protocol.


Merits and defects of Streaming Video Recorder:

1. A professional tool to download AOL video at optimal quality.
2. Automatically captures video URL.
3. Download and convert several videos in batch at a time.
4. Directly convert video formats to the appropriate one for your device without fee.
5. Download videos in protocols of HTTP, MMS, and also RTMP, e.g. videos from Hulu, ABC, and Crackle.
6. Support record live streaming video by record screen function.


If you often browse to watch videos and still haven’t found a way to download videos off AOL, how about following my steps and giving it a try.