How to extract flash video from websites

By surfing Internet, you will confront with diverse kinds of video content. And most of them are broadcasted with support of adobe flash player plug-in. A myriad of video-sharing websites provide you innumerable flash videos, movies and animations. But usually there is no more than video links, what if you want to extract flash video off websites for other purposes?

Most people are prone to do a quick Google search, or you may look for the solutions from some relevant forums. I believe in a short time, you will get different kinds of answers. Of course, what you need to do is to select one that fits your needs most.

Here I will give you some suggestions of extracting flash video with different useful tools.

It’s all agreed best way that straightforwardly download flash video files to your computer. In this aspect, it will be better if you can extract many flash streaming videos at a time. You know, very often you don’t content with downloading several videos.

Try below flash video extractor to directly extract flash videos from websites without limitations of video sources and quantities.


software to extract flash video

Don’t doubt that the comprehensive software is an integration of YouTube Video Recorder, Vimeo Video Recorder, Megavideo downloader, etc.

Now let’s extract flash video to PC and any portable gadgets:

1. Download and install the standalone software onto computer.

2. Go to your favorite website and choose the target flash videos, play them and then the smart program will instantly extract the video real URLs to download.

See, the whole process for extracting flash video is just that simple. As long as you launch it, then you are ready to get videos from any well-known or unranked video websites.

Extract flash movies to other formats

You probably notice that the downloaded flash videos can’t be watched with your smart phone or handhold computer. Not like formats MP4, AVI, or 3GP, flv videos can’t be watched portably with mobile devices.

extract flv f4v swf flash videos to mobile devices

Then you just convert the flv videos to certain formats that compatible with your handy video-playing tools. The embedded Video Converter will enable you to achieve this effortlessly.

If you have extra requirements like edit the videos or capture adobe flash video from Hulu, Netflix,, etc on computer screen. Just explore more features to extract flash video as you expect.

Free of charge way to extract adobe flash videos will be a good choice to take into account

Video Grabber

free online way to Extract flash movies

It is a free website service for downloading video. Check it out, you will find a wide range of hot video hosting websites are supported, including YouTube, Dailymotion, 5min,Videobash, Collegehumor, Vimeo, etc.

I strongly recommend you to extract flash movies and video clips by this way. As you will not have any risks of malware or spyware to bring into your computer.