Solid solution to extract video from website

Do you know effortless ways to extract video from website? There are masses of websites collects videos from users and any other sources to provide us eye feast.

Are you watching a fantastic video now? If you want to share it with families or friends, it’s not the only way to send them the video address. You can either send them the entirely video file or watch the video together with them on your wireless device. What you need to know and handle is how to extract video from a website.

The video clips, TV shows, movie trailers, news videos, etc of different websites have more or less distinctions. It means the methods or tools you are using to extract flash video from website like YouTube and Dailymotion, maybe out of luck to get video from Megavideo, Justin TV, There are definitely many different programs or means to download website video.

I would like to recommend you an enhanced and integrated Web Video Extractor.

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extract video from website

Why choose this software as the first choice?

Answer: It’s a full set of Online Video Downloader + Screen Video Recorder+ Video Format Converter+ Video Player.

Won’t these combinations meet your needs? Follow the tutorial to try it:

The Recorder is able to extract videos from websites in automatic and manual ways.

Automatic way

1. Open the video you want to extract.

2. The video detector of the program will discover the video URL for downloading without any delay.

extract videos from websites

In this way, you will save time and labor to extract video from website in batch at a time. Try this way to record yahoo video, YouTube videos in fast and easy way.

Manual way

Not all web videos are allowed and get ready to be downloaded, a fairly part of them are protected from extracting off websites and send you as live video streams. For example, videos from and Justin TV

When you encounter this kind of videos, your tools at hand may become a decoration that is unserviceable. Thus, how to extract video from a website like this usually is hot discussion. The best solution will be record from computer screen.

1. Find the “Record Screen” icon and click it.

extract flash video from website

2. You will be enabled to create a record field on PC screen. Create the area depends on the video display window. Finally click “OK” to apply it. Below is a screenshot to record┬áHulu video.
how to extract video from a website

3. Click “Stop Recording” tab on interface or hotkey (default F7) to stop extracting video.

Get the best Web Video Extractor

You can know more features including convert and edit videos about this Online Video Recorder.

Two popular programs to extract video from website


It’s a video downloader, especially for social websites which have open videos. It can convert video to avi and mpeg format. You need to manually copy and paste video URL to it for downloading. The program takes much longer time to find and begin to extract flash video from website. Therefore, it is not convenient to use it download videos at batch.


It is well-known software used to extract video from website on PC screen. It can save videos as avi or swf format and also has video editor embedded, very easy to use. But it is not so compatible with Windows 7, and the quality of recorded video may low, or the video and audio may be out of sync.