How to get videos on MySpace

MySpace is one of the biggest social networking websites, just like YouTube, Facebook, etc. It provides both videos and audio for users. So as a MySpace member, you can listen to your favorite songs on MySpace and enjoy online videos, TV shows, and movies, etc on MySpace site.

However, you may want to get videos on MySpace or download MySpace music in the following occasions:

* You are busy in your work and have no time to watch the fantastic video online. At this time, you can get videos off of MySpace and transfer them to your digital gadgets, like iPad, iPhone 4S, MP4 player, PS3, etc. Then you can enjoy the MySpace videos anywhere and anytime.

* In order to reduce the computer radiation, many people try to avoid watching video and listening to music online. Actually, they can save MySpace videos or get music from MySpace, and then enjoy the videos and music files offline.

But at the present time, the issue that is placed before us is how to download songs from MySpace and get videos on MySpace. Here I divide the issue into two small ones. In this page, we mainly talk about how to get videos on MySpace as a topic.

Just cut the crap, here I show some tool to get videos on MySpace for your choice.

Method 1: Get MySpace videos with webcam or screen capture program

If you have a webcam, you can record your screen videos by using your webcam. But here I regret to tell you that the recorded MySpace videos are blurry.

If you want a decent and good video, you can make use of some screen capture program. Screen recorder is the recommendable tool to get videos off of MySpace.

Method 2: Use KeepVid to get videos off of MySpace

KeepVid is so easy to use that you don’t require any thinking when you use it. It can not only help you get MySpace music videos, but also support downloading videos from other similar video sites, such as Google Video, DailyMotion, and YouTube and so on.

But its demerit is that you need to manually add a FLV file name suffix to your recorded MySpace videos one by one. And the tool only works for Windows OS user.

Method 3: Get videos on MySpace by using WebVideoRip

WebVideoRip is a good streaming video TV ripper, which can record and rip videos from any popular sharing sites. So I list it here. I almost forget to say that the WebVideoRip can transfer downloaded videos to iPod, but it is a little expensive.

Method 4: Use a MySpace video downloader to get videos on MySpace

If the above-mentioned methods can’t still meet your demands, please go on reading the fourth method.

The fourth tool is a MySpace video downloader, which is also named Streaming Video Recorder. It is the leading video recorder application. The break-through program can download videos, TV shows, movies from any video sites and convert the videos to any formats as you want. Besides it has the ability to record online video, record computer screen to video as a screen recorder.

Attracted by the MySpace video downloader – Streaming Video Recorder? If yes, you can download it and try to save MySpace videos.

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After installing the streaming video recorder, you may look for the usage of it. In fact, its workflow is simple.

Here I share the workflow of how to use it to get videos on MySpace:

Step1: Select the video that you want to record on
Step2: Launch the tool and it detects your video.
Step3: While you play the MySpace video, it will help you automatically download and record video from MySpace with a fast speed.

Tips: If you find your video URL and don’t want to let it automatically capture videos, you can click “Add URL” to get videos from MySpace.

In comparison with the above tools, I guess you will find your satisfying tool to get videos off of MySpace. Good luck! If you know some other ways about how to get videos on MySpace, welcome to leave a comment! Thanks!