Top methods to record Facebook video

While we are using Facebook utility to communicate with friends around us, we could easily notice new profile messages, photos of our friends and a lot of recreational videos shared by others. But if we like to save Facebook video, we couldn’t find the feature on this website.

As Facebook is web-browser for users to stream videos online, it is necessary for us to use a Streaming Video Recorder, some types of screen recording suite or video record service to record Facebook video for archiving or offline playing.

To record Facebook videos with high definition and save it into supported formats for our PSP, Xbox 360, iPhone series, we highly recommend you to try the below lists of applications or websites services

Part 1: Record Facebook videos with the help of Desktop video Recorder

Streaming Video Recorder, a perfect online video recorder, could quickly sniff any video that you are about to play and advance to download streaming movies automatically while you are only accessing the video link address on your browser. So it saves us much time to save Facebook videos and avoid any online advertisement.

Other functions for trimming, cropping and converting video files make Streaming Video Recorder the number 1 choice for you. If you have any doubt of using this tool to record video from Facebook, download the free version right now!

 Download Streaming Video Recorder Now

Part 2: Rip Facebook video by using screen recorders

Using  Screen Recording Suite, you can record audio and screen activities on your desktop and save files as AVI, 3GP formats. Before you use it to rip Facebook videos, change the frame rate or other video effects or you can add text, sound file onto your recorded video to output the best video.

Part 3: Rip Facebook videos with websites services

1. : is a site service that helps you record video from Facebook, YouTube, Metacafe,, Videogaga.Ii, and other famous vide-sharing websites. Please copy the link into the download taskbar and then it will create a link for you to download your desired video.

2. : is an online service which asks you to finish 4 steps to rip videos from Facebook, that is, fill your video link address into the URL box, choose a file format (.bmp, .doc, .csv, etc), write your Email address for receiving the video file and agree with the terms.

Although they are different methods for you to rip video from Facebook, they are suitable to record video from Hulu,,, Vimeo and millions more. Basically, you need to find a website that allows you to watch the video and then you only need to apply one of them to record website video.

If you find the above ways useful to save Facebook videos, please bookmark this article to make it known by other people.

What’s about Facebook?

Facebook is an online platform that provides users who are above 13 years old to connect their college classmates or friends through setting up personal profiles. Users have rights to share videos, photos with the public or hide part of information to a selected group. To discuss common topic with others, you can join the characterized interest community.