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Live Video Recorder

Live Video Recorder is a powerful utility designed to facilitate you to record any live video streams, such as live sport streams and live streaming TV channels. It is an almighty tool to record live streaming video from almost all the online video sharing or broadcast websites with ease like YouTube, Google video, Megavideo, Hulu, Netflix, CNN.

It can record whatever live videos you view on computer screen off Internet. This is really an easy way to save the video on your PC, besides, you can take screenshot of videos or desktop.

Highlights of the Live Video Recorder:

Record Any Online Videos You Watch

No matter the live streaming videos e.g. live football match from ESPN or the existing streaming videos e.g. video clips from YouTube, Live Video Recorder is able to record them to PC while you are watching. So for most video websites including Yahoo! Video, ABC video, Myspace, Dailymotion, Hulu,, Jumptv, vimeo, etc, the recorder can record live videos as well as embedded videos.

Record Videos in Desired Length and Effect

You can customize the area on desktop to record that you are allowed to record live streaming video in full screen or specified area.

And there is no limitation of video length to record, namely, you can either record a short duration of video or continuously record multiple videos at a time. Moreover, you can choose not to record audio while recording video.

record live streaming video

Keep Original Video Quality

The recorded videos will not fuzzy or ambiguous that at lower quality than the video you watch online, it can be kept exactly as original quality. And the Live Video Recorder supports to record live videos at high definition level.

Record Smooth without Occupying Internet Source

The smart software itself doesn't occupy any network bandwidth in order to implement the recording process. Thus this will not decrease the Internet connection speeds so that the online video which you want can be played and recorded smoothly.

Support Take Screenshots

You can not only use it to record live streaming video but also take screenshots of desktop. You are allowed to capture dynamic video or any part of static desktop as images.

Compatible with Any Browsers

The Live Video Recorder can record online videos on any browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome, Maxthon, or Opera.

Step by Step Tutorial of How to Record Live Video Stream:

Download Live Video Recorder then install and operate it.

1, you will be prompted to set related options for intended output videos.

The recorded videos will be saved as windows media video (WMV) format and you can choose precise codec, bit rate, FPS.

If necessary, you can uncheck the audio recording option to record live videos without audio.

how to record live video stream

2, navigate to webpage with video you want in browser and play the video in full screen or certain size then select record area accordingly.

3, click "Start" button to start recording video from screen instantly. Thus while you are watching the video, the Live Video Recorder will record it to you local disc. When all the videos have been recorded, just click "stop" button to finish it.

Why do you need to know how to record live video stream?

You want to save favorite live streaming videos like TV episodes, NBA basketball match and soccer match for freely playback later offline.

Your video downloader at hand doesn't support to download live videos and then Live Video Recorder will take care of all hassle instead of it.

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