Online TV Recorder

Increasingly people like to watch TV shows online. Of course, there is advantage to watch online them is that you are able to watch any TV programs at anytime you intend rather than wait in front of television to avoid missing TV shows that you like. Nonetheless, the need to gain ability to record internet TV is also arising with it.

In order to watch TV shows from online video-sharing websites in more convenient and comfortable way, many people want to know how to record online TV to computer. There are two kinds of online TV shows to which you may access, they are embedded streaming TV such us that of YouTube and live streaming TV like that of Crafty TV or wwiTV.

Next let me introduce you two kinds of smart programs to solve all hassles to record streaming TV.

Online TV Recorder that will record most of the streaming TVs

A proper Online TV Recorder will assist you to easily record any online streaming TV off net. What’s more, you will obtain more abilities to view videos on different devices and media players.

Streaming Video Recorder – For recording any existing streaming videos or TV from most of videos sites like YouTube, MySpace, Metacafe, Yahoo! Video, ESPN, Vimeo, ABC, CBS and so on.

Download Streaming Video Recorder Now

Online TV Recorder

Salient Advantages to Record Internet TV with the Recorder:

Initiatively Download Videos from Internet

The auto-detect videos function is preset with the Streaming Video Recorder. As long as you open the webpage with TV video you want, the recorder will automatically find the video source and begin to record streaming TV from it. No manual operations to input videos for downloading, it’s entirely designed as an automated tool.

Efficient Online TV Recorder to Keep Video Quality

You can add many videos to it or open multiple webpage at same time to let the program record many videos all together at same time. It is able to finish downloading a 200mb video rapidly within several minutes. Nonetheless, the downloaded videos are at satisfied quality as original online videos.

Compatible with Portable Media Players

You are enabled to convert videos with the Video Converter so as to view videos on various portable gadgets e.g. PSP, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Xbox, Blackberry, mobile phones, mp3 players etc. It supports to change videos formats to ASF, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, etc or audio formats like MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV, AC3, ETC.

In one word, Streaming Video Recorder will be a gratified tool to clear your mind of problem that how to record online TV. For it will accomplish the downloading task automatically and quickly.

Program to Record Live Streaming TV

Screen Video Recorder – For recording live streaming TV and videos from websites like CraftTV, ustream TV, viewmy TV, Justin TV, CNN IBN etc. Or if you found the online TV videos are prevented from downloading like videos from Hulu, Netflix, the Screen Video Recorder will absolutely help you record internet TV successfully.

Download Screen Video Recorder Now

It is an Online TV Recorder that can record anything from computer desktop. Thus you can use it to record live videos while you are watching them or capture any content on computer screen as images.

record internet tv

Highlights of Screen Video Recorder:

Recorded Videos at Decent Quality

It supports to record streaming TV at high definition level, there will not any difference between recorded videos and original videos you view on webpage. And the audio output is at good quality without distortion.

No Time Upper Limit to Record

If you don’t let it stop recording, the recorder will keep on recording from computer until you want it to stop. In another word, you can record internet TV as long as you like.

Learn more about other merits and tutorial of how to record online TV with Screen Video Recorder.