Optimal Online Video Grabber to Grab Online Video

An increasing number of video websites are offering all kinds of videos, including music videos, funny video clips, how to tutorial, live game videos, movies, news videos, episodes and Internet TV. For watching so much fabulous and informative video content, you are likely to visit more than one site.

Sometimes, you just have no conditions to watch videos online, or want to watch them at any preferred place with your handy digital player rather than sit at the computer. Then you need to grab online video off Internet, but you will barely find existing download tab on webpage. Or maybe your method and toolkits to grab online streaming videos are doing fruitless efforts.

What’s wrong? Where is the way out?

Don’t mess up to try a couple of lame solutions, just settle down here with an all-around Online Video Grabber.

Free Download Online Video Grabber

online video grabber

Once you owned this super applicable software, you will be capable of grabbing online video clips from almost all well-known and unknown websites. Inlaid with video converter, the utility will make videos viewable on mobile multimedia devices e.g. save YouTube video to iPod, Smartphone, PSP, Creative Zune, XBOX.

Hints for how to grab online videos from different kinds of video sites

The prepare jobs are to download Online Video Grabber, and quickly install then operate it.

Situation One-free sharing videos

Most hot video-sharing portals are providing free open videos, so that the best bet to grab online streaming videos from YouTube-like websites, Dailymotion, Google video, Metacafe, MySpace, Vimeo, Break, VEVO, Yahoo! Video, is to grab them in download mode straightforwardly.

a. If you have the video link, clicking “Add URL” to enter the link into the program for downloading it instantly.

b. More readily way is to let the Video Recorder to detect video URL, and then download video off website. Grab online video in this way is ideally to preserve the video quality and entirety.

1. Click to play the video you want to grab, while the video is loaded into your browser, the auto-recorder will grab the real video URL.

2. Having grabbed the video source link, this Online Video Grabber will start to download target video to your specified folder on computer.

If you have multiple wanted videos to download, just play them in browser to let the program grab online video in batch.

Situation Two-protected online video streams

Some websites stream videos which are prevented from downloading, typical examples are Hulu.com and Netflix.com. The technology to encrypt videos usually is to send videos with Microsoft silverlight player rather adobe flash player, and add DRM protection.
grab online video

Don’t worry about this. Online video grabber software is able to record silverlight streaming video and any videos that can’t be normally downloaded.

Situation Three-Live streaming videos

As for live videos, it’s not able to download it as you do to website embedded videos. Grabbing video from computer screen is a good answer of how to grab online videos from live video sites like, Justin TV, Ustream, Twitch TV, etc.

“Record Screen” function is what Online Video Grabber provides to grab protected or live streaming videos. You can check out the recording screen tutorial from article how to capture Hulu video.

With help of built-in Video Converter, you can put downloaded and recorded video content on portable devices for freely replay.

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