Record embedded videos from websites

Videos can be shared by being embedded on video sharing portals, social network sites (e.g. facebook), blogs, etc. Once the videos have been embedded on web pages, people can access to them easily. Actually uploading videos by you are end up with embedding videos.

Thousands of videos, movies, films are posted on internet, offering us information, knowledge, amusements, instructions, etc. Video sure is a vivid and dynamic way to express life, society, relationship, what happens and so on. Do you want to record embedded videos when you are impressed or long for it?

recording embedded video

It’s an easy thing to watch many good movies online but some of them will be buried under piles of updates or finally deleted. As the result of that, it’s difficult or impossible to replay them later. For that case, recording embedded video to your hard disk is the best way out.

Have you got the trick to record online videos? Have you got the worry-free method to watch videos without internet connection and buffering?

If your answer is “no”, then after you have finish reading this article you answer of how to record embedded videos will be affirmatively “yes”.

The easiest means to record embedded videos with Streaming Video Recorder you are not supposed to miss.

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Many people complain that they even can’t find the URL of the embedded videos, not mention to enter it into the existing programs which help record website video to make them work. No head scratching and frown because of that any more.

How to record embedded videos quick tutorial:

Download streaming video and fast complete installation then run it.

Tip: Strongly recommend you use IE browser in order to reach the best coordination and recording results with the program.

1. Specify the directory for recorded or converted video files by clicking and setting the “options”.

2. Open the web page with video you like in browser, in a while it will pop up the detected video real URL for you to confirm to promptly record embedded flash videos or many other formatted videos without problems.

record embedded videos

When it begins to record one video, you can switch to another webpage and it will automatically start to record embedded video from it.

If the video address is at hand, alternatively you can just enter it by clicking “Add URL” to download.

3. Several videos and long videos can be recorded to your pc in a short time and not much internet source is involved.

More preset functions of it together with recording embedded video:

Convert video files: If you love to watch videos or on the way with iPod, cell phone, PSP, etc. Streaming video recorder also enables you to achieve that. It is not only a solution to how to record embedded videos from sites but also how to convert local videos.

Namely now you can either save Google videos off net or upload local videos to websites like YouTube by processing them to compatible formats.