Record flv video with Smart Tool

Flash video (flv) is a format commonly used for delivering video across web. It has been a dominant online video format with superiority that can be viewed on most operation systems and browsers via adobe flash player or other plug-in.

record flv video

Many notable websites including YouTube, Hulu, Yahoo! Video, VEVO, etc are hosting videos in flv format. If you like watching online videos, you will encounter many flv videos. Therefore it is not strange that you may have needs to record flv video from internet.

Many people hope record flv streaming video for sake of better viewing experience or enjoying videos on portable digital players like android cell phone, iPod and PSP. But have you got a good tool or method to facilitate you to realize it?

Here I am going to introduce you a smart Streaming Video Recorder for recording flv video in rather efficient way.

downloadDownload Streaming Video Recorder

record flv video

Use the handy program to record flv video now:

Download Streaming Video Recorder and install then immediately open it.

Two steps to record embedded flv video off net.

1. If necessary, customize output folder path and other settings in “Options”.
Display your video on website in browser. You can open several webpage with videos at a time.

2. The recorder will automatically detect real video URL and then ask you whether to download them or not. Click “OK” to record flv streaming video as many as you want.

One step to convert videos.

After downloading have completed, you can add the video to convert for further conveniently reuse with various mobile tools including iPhone, XBOX, iPad, Creative Zune.

 The situations that you may record video from screen:

record flv streaming video

Such as video site which also uses flv formatted movies or TV shows. Because of heavy DRM protection, it can’t be downloaded straightforwardly as videos files. Confront with situation like this, the “record screen” option on the upper right is also feasible for recording flv video.

Tip: In order to record audio of video, you need to check the audio import in “Options” to see if it is chosen to the sound card of your pc. Then click “OK” to apply it.

set audio input

Screen recording feature will be the best solution for you to record Netflix streaming video as well.

Outstanding Features:

Automatically Detect and Download Flv videos

It is a professional flv video recorder which enables you to download flv videos by super simple manipulations. You don’t need to find video URL from website for downloading. Since it will initiatively detect video source and download from it.

Simultaneously Record Multiple Videos

The recorder can discover videos on different webpage or from different websites in browser, and then download them at same time. Thus you are able to simultaneously record video from YouTube, metacafe,, etc in batch.

Record flv Video to View on Desired Video Players

Flv videos may not the supported video files of your multimedia players, thus you can use the existing convert function to change the recorded videos to proper video and even audio format with which your portable devices compatible. With the convert feature, you can record flv videos to computer and make it ready for viewing on the go. Moreover, recording flv video to DVD or CD is available options there.