Record Hulu Video with Ease

The latest episodes and hit shows from many TV networks including NBC, Fox, Abc and CBS, you can watch them all on Hulu for free. is a video website which contains lots of current TV shows and episodes.

If you can’t find your favorite episodes from other websites, there is much more likelihood to find them in Hulu. Thus, you may also want to record Hulu video off net, so as to playback the video later or share it with friends.

However, it’s difficult task to record video from Hulu, because videos of Hulu are protected from downloading. It’s not strange for the reason that Hulu is ad-supported websites to provide videos on demand. Hulu videos are not relatively public videos like YouTube and Metacafe. In another word, the program which is able to download Metacafe video are probably doesn’t work with Hulu.

There is no need to take time to be an learn about video technology, now let’s try a practical and absolutely easy to use Hulu Recorder.

download Free download Hulu Recorder now

record hulu

The trick is to capture hulu from computer desktop. Yep, the program I recommended serves as a screen recording program, besides, there are many matching functions enable you enjoy videos on the go.

Tutorial to record Hulu video to your computer

1. Get the Hulu Recorder, then install and set up it.

2. Open the target Hulu video in browser.

3. Click “Record Screen” icon on the UI, then choose record field on PC screen and click “OK” as following screenshot. Done, the recorder begins to capture Hulu while the video is playing.

record video from hulu

Tips:You can use hotkey on keyboard or the “stop” button on interface to stop recording. And the video file is saved in wmv format.

Easy steps to record hulu to iPod

If you want to watch the Hulu videos on mobile devices, you can either convert recorded wmv videos to compatible formats of your devices.

1. Click the “Convert” Tab, then click “add” icon to import the video that need to convert.

2. Designate an export device or video format. And specify output folder if necessary.

3. Click “Start” and you will get converted videos pronto.

Below are some useful software or add-on you use to record Hulu

1. Firefox Mozilla Download Helper

No matter you try the latest version or other versions of Firefox video downloader, when you open a Hulu video, the colorful bubble will not become animate to show you there is a video has been captured. Since the video stream of Hulu is prevented from downloading.

2. Getflv

The program can be used as a browser allows you view video page within in it. Then when a video stream entered into the browser, it will be able to capture the video file. I have to say Getflv is more useful than Firefox download helper to record some unprotected videos. But it’s not the Hulu Recorder that you want. You will finally capture hulu with Gteflv in vain.

3. OrbitDownloader

This is a free video downloader, its grab++ is the video finder to discover video stream that coming into your browser. But there is nothing to find when you navigate to Hulu video. It’s lame to record video from Hulu.