Best Metacafe Video Recorder to record Metacafe video

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How to record Metacafe video to iTunes for iPod?

I have a program to record YouTube videos to my iPod, but now I want to find a way for recording Metacafe video and put them onto my iPod. Since Metacafe seems to have a big of selection. Does anyone know any programs for this?

Can you save video from Metacafe to hard drive?

Because I’m having a hard time to look for sites for downloading videos from Metacafe. I’ve already tried Keepvid and other related websites. I also made an account in Metacafe, but it still doesn’t work. Can you help me out there? Thanks.


There are many embedded short video clips on Metacafe, and they are tagged as exclusive, curated and original video content. Thus, it’s not strange that you want to save Metacafe video for offline playback.

Why not using Metacafe Video Recorder?

record Metacafe video Download Metacafe Video Recorder

record Metacafe video

It is the most suitable program to assist you to download game videos, music videos, TV shows, sports video and so on from Metacafe. It is also a video processor to fit Metacafe video to your desired mobile media player. With it, you can easily save video from Metacafe for freely replaying on wireless devices, iPod, PS3, blackberry, iPhone, other cell phones like Nokia series are included.

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As stated in title, I am wondering how to record videos from and save video files onto my computer in high quality formats.

2. How do you record video from YouTube, Metacafe and Google video automatically?

I want to know which program can direct download or trace the original file source.

Refer to “how to record Metacafe videos” instructions:

Download Metacafe Video Recorder and quickly install then operate it. (The Video Recorder is enabled by default to catch the streaming video which is entering into the browser)

Initiatively Downloaded by Metacafe Recorder:

1. Navigate to your target Metacafe video.

2. Before or while the page is fully loaded, the video URL will be detected and click “Ok” to start downloading process.

Offer Video URL by you for downloading:

You can either copy the Metacafe video URL which located in address bar of browser, then click “Add URL” icon of the Metacafe Video Recorder and paste into it. Just wait for a while, the downloading will be triggered.

Save Metacafe video as specified audio and video file

After video has been fully downloaded, right click on it and chose “Add to convert”, therefore, you are enabled to specify export video format and even audio format.

record video from Metacafe

You are also gained capable of converting local videos file which are already on computer hard drive.

What’s more, trim video duration and crop video size functions are included. Don’t hesitate to easily record video from Metacafe to any preferred digital terminate including DVD and CD player.

If you have interest, you can learn more about how to record online TV with the “Record Screen” function of the versatile program.