Almighty tool to record Silverlight Video

Nowadays, more and more websites lean to using another application to play videos rather than Adobe flash player, that is, Microsoft Silverlight video player. Popular Netflix “watch instant” movies are just use Silverlight. Therefore, being able to record silverlight video has been an increasingly demand of people since it was released by Microsoft in 2007.

record silverlight video

I would say that, due to the technological difference, many video download tools which dedicated to flash videos become useless when confront silverlight videos.

Besides, although there are still some programs can well record silverlight streaming video, for those which are protected with DRM (Digital Rights Management), they will also be disabled.

Do you know that you can use an almighty program to record Microsoft silverlight videos?

The best solution is to benefit from Streaming Video Recorder. It is not only an excellent tool to download website videos but also integrates with record screen function, so that it can facilitate you to record silverlight stream to the largest extent.

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recording silverlight video

Quick Instructions of how to record silverlight video:

The first thing is to download Streaming Video Recorder then install and open it.

a. When you open the webpage with target video. If it is not protected, the recorder can detect and then record silverlight video stream without any delay.

b. If there is no any respond, then use Record Screen function to record silverlight video from pc screen.

1. Before recording, please specify related settings in “Option” including hotkeys to start and stop recording, output folder, audio input and so on.

Note: You need to click “OK” to apply them otherwise it may record silverlight videos without audio.

2. Click “Record Screen” button then drag your mouse to select record area that cover the displaying video size. Lastly click “OK” to start to record silverlight streaming video.

3. To stop recording, you can hit “stop recording” button on the interface or press hotkey on keyboard.

What advantages you will obtain?

One Utility with Dual Functions
The Streaming Video Recorder can record videos either made by Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight. The record screen feature is conducive to recording silverlight video that is secured or live streaming videos. Thus it is workable to millions of video-sharing websites, that is to say, it can record videos from YouTube, Netflix, MySpace, VEVO, Dailymotion, ESPN, Hulu, Justin.TV, CNN, etc.

Automatically Download Many HD Silverlight Movies
You can open multiple silverlight videos at a time and it will discover all these videos and download them to pc hard disc. Therefore, you can record silverlight stream conveniently at batch. What’s more, it will keep the original quality of video and support high definition videos.

Record silverlight video as Desired Format
After recording, the embedded Video Converter enables you to change format of recorded silverlight video files. The video and audio formats it supports including, AVI, WMV, MOV, H264, MPEG, ASF, MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, etc. And it allows your directly convert videos to play on wireless devices such as, iPod or PSP.

With Streaming Video Recorder, you are equivalent to own two smart tools. One is powerful Online Video Recorder, another is Screen Video Recorder. Hence, just use it as professional silverlight video recorder, there will no hassle to record silverlight stream any more.