Feasible way to record Twitch TV video

Justin TV is a popular interactive live video broadcasting website and now its dedicated live-streamed game video portal Twitch TV is also attracting more and more gamers. Everyday there are hours and hours of live videos of different competitive online games from lots of top gamers.

recording twitchtv live stream video

Why record Twitch TV video?

Maybe you are in process of upgrading in a web game, and you find some videos on twitch TV show the skills and tricks which will help you to get through it, so you want to save that video off net for later reference. Or there is just no place to keep the wanted video on twitchtv, thus you just hope record game video from twitch TV to computer for long-term collection.

Something about Twitch TV for further recording twitchtv live stream video:

As for viewing any videos of twitchtv, you don’t need to register for it.
When you enter into the website, you will see a video which is the hottest one with most followers in real time.
If it is not the video you want, just browse for wanted game video by entering game name. There are hundreds of live channels are broadcasting live game videos.
On each channel, apart from the video which is on live, you can also find all past broadcasted videos in “Videos” category on underside.

Now get ready to record live game videos from twitchtv and any heart’s videos that already existed there.

Due to live streaming video is coming into your terminal in real time, there is no a single video file of the video that can be directly downloaded like existing video, thus record video from computer screen methods is feasible solution for recording twitchtv live stream video.

Hence, don’t mess around and just use this enhanced Online Video Recorder to record any twitchtv videos.

downloadFree download Online Video Recorder

record twitch TV video

Comprehensive ways to get Twitch TV videos:

After fast download and install steps, run the program and you will be enabled to record twitchtv video in two workable ways. I will show you as following.

1. Download archived or past recorded game videos

Find and open the video you want, as soon as the video is opened in new webpage, the recorder will automatically obtain the real URL of video and begin to download that video. Besides, you are able to record game video from twitch TV in batch in this way.

And after the video has been added to download, you can close the webpage with video to save network resources, since the downloading will keep on.

2. Recording twitchtv live stream video from computer screen

The “record screen” button will immediately enable you to record video on PC desktop.

record game video from twitch TV

Note: At the first time to use this function, you need to correctly specify some settings in “options”, especially select the speaker that your computer is using to record twitch TV video with audio. Click “OK” to enable all the settings.

record live game videos from twitchtv

Click “Record Screen” button and then drag you mouse to create a rectangle to cover the window that the video is on display. Of course, you can record live game videos from twitchtv in full screen. When you want to stop recording, press the hotkey (default is F7) you specified to stop it or stop recording icon on program interface.

Don’t shut down the Online Video Recorder, because it’s not only capable of recording twitchtv live stream video, there is a lot more you can do with it. Such as, record video to iPhone 4S, iPad, iPod and PSP or record Justin TV if you like. Millions of video websites are ready for you.