How to record video from Netflix

Apart from predominant DVD rental service, Netflix has also introduced monthly subscription service since 1999 to enable members to watch movies and TV shows instantly on their computer’s web browser via Internet streaming. Attracted by such a good video library, many members have needs to record video from Netflix.

People are not content with watching these movies online but rather want to record Netflix movies and save them to PC hard disc for later replay. However, under that circumstance, you may find that all handy tools will in vain. For instance, browser add-on like Mozilla Firefox Download Helper, or Streaming Video Recorder that works well with YouTube or Google Videos.

Why can’t you record Netflix streaming video with normal programs at hand? Because Netflix uses Silverlight rather than adobe flash media player. When you are viewing the videos on Netflix, Silverlight will send you a packet of multiple video streams instead of entire video stream.

Streaming Video Recorder 4.0 Now support record and download Netflix videos.

So if you insist to use the video downloader at hand to record video from Netflix, you will end up with a bunch of scattered videos files. What’s worse, you will not be able to play them with windows media player or VLC.

Providing that you can watch online Netflix movies completely, why don’t you record Netflix movies straightforwardly from PC screen?

Screen Video Recorder is the best tool to achieve this. It is capable of recording anything from computer screen.

This Screen Video Recorder will record any online video you are watching from desktop and save it to your computer for playback offline.

Download Screen Video Recorder Now

record Netflix streaming video

Gratified Features of This Screen Recording Program:

Satisfied Video Quality

The recorder will record Netflix streaming video off Internet with high quality. It supports to keep recorded videos in HD level as original online movie. There will no fuzzy, layering, distortion of recorded video and audio.

Different Modes to Record from Screen

According to you viewing habits, you can choose different region to record. The modes are to record video from Netflix in full screen, customized area and fixed window area. This will guarantee you to record content on PC screen flexibly.

Compatible with Most browsers and Video Players

The program can record Netflix movies in any web browsers you use like Firefox, Opera, Chrome.
And the Videos will be saved as Windows Media Video (wmv) format which can be played with many media players including Windows media player, QuickTime, VLC, RealPlayer, Mplayer, Zoom Player, etc.

Learn about how to record Netflix video:

Download the program, then install and open it right away.

Note: Before it actually records, please choose audio input to speaker or microphone option if needed and click “OK” to apply the settings.

1. You can specify some settings so that the recorder will record Netflix stream as you want.

 record video from Netflix

Within those options, you can enable hotkey to start and stop recording Netflix streaming video, uncheck audio recording, assign output video file codec, animate mouse buttons and so on.

2. Log in your Netflix account and open your favorite video then customize the record region accordance with the display region. Lastly begin to record video from Netflix.

Tip: If you connection speed is not fast and repetitively buffers, you just let the video finish buffering then play it and start recording.

3. Click “Folder” open output folder and check the recorded video.

Now I think you must have known a feasible and good tool to record Netflix streaming video here. Actually Screen Video Recorder can also be used to record Hulu videos or videos from any other websites. Just enjoy all you desired movies or videos offline and even on portable devices.