How to record YouTube movies

Any help on how to record YouTube movies?
There are some Bollywood movies on YouTube I like very much. Does anyone know how to record movies from YouTube or other streaming video sites like MegaVideo, Dailymotion? And how can I transfer these movies to iPod? Do I need any special program? — Ackley

Beyond all doubt, there are lots of great videos or movies on YouTube that you want to save and watch offline. Movies come from YouTube, MegaVideo, or Dailymotion are streaming videos. You need special software to record streaming video from these websites.

The software Streaming Video Recorder does a great job at recording streaming video, and it gives you options to convert the recorded videos to mp4, avi, 3gp, wmv files for any of your media player. This is your best choice to save YouTube movies.

Today I introduce you how to record YouTube movies with Streaming Video Recorder, write a guide about how to record movies from YouTube and save YouTube movies to iPod, iPhone, PS3, etc.

Step by step tutorial to record YouTube movies:

1. Free download Streaming Video Recorder.

2. Installing this software is easy. After the installation, run the software and click “Settings” to create a video folder where you will save YouTube movies.

3. Now all you have to do is open website YouTube and navigate to the movie you’d like to save. When the movie starts to play, Streaming Video Recorder could detect it automatically and record movies from YouTube to your selected video folder immediately.

record YouTube movies

4. Keep in mind that not all media players could play the recorded .flv YouTube files. But fear not, Streaming Video Recorder gives you the ability to convert YouTube videos to any file format you want. Just click “Convert” button, you’ll find that the program makes video conversion so easy.

It’s that simple! Now you can save YouTube movies onto your iPhone, PS3, Zune, Apple TV or any portable player for playback at any time.

Use YouTube Downloader to save YouTube movies:

You can also use YouTube Downloader to save YouTube movies.

To download save a YouTube movie to your computer, just copy and enter the URL of the movie into the download box of this YouTube Downloader. It will save the movie in flv format.

save YouTube movies

Then click “Videos Converter” and add the videos you want to convert. It gives you options to convert YouTube video to almost any formats to compatible with for your media players.

There are many software programs, web-based servers or web-browser plug-ins claim to do this job, but I’ve found that the most practical and easiest way is by using Streaming Video Recorder. It will let you record YouTube movies as MP4 or any format files with super quality.

Have you ever wondered how to record YouTube movie? The solutions mentioned above are simpler than you can imagine.

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