How to record YouTube music videos in a jiffy

Tried and tried to record music videos off YouTube but keep failing? Want to know how to save the YouTube video with the song on?

I guess everyone has the desire to get the hot music videos from YouTube to watch them on the iPod, iPad or iPhone.

My suggestion to you if you would like to record a music video on YouTube:

1. Get a camera or camcorder. And you will need some other accessories, like a firewire card for the computer and a firewire cable for transferring video to computer.

record a music video on YouTube

If you have all of these things, then you can get start to record YouTube music videos. But there are some problems, the video recorded by a camcorder will be blurry, fuzzy, out of focus areas.

2. Use software such as a screen recorder to record your desired YouTube music video. You can do the job much better if you use the Streaming Video Recorder.

I’ll explain howt to record music videos off YouTube with simple steps.

The first and basic step is sure to download and install the software.

After Installing, we should find the YouTube music video which you want to record, and click “Play”.

Once your video starts to play, the software will sniff it automatically and prompt to download it. Just click “OK” to allow it and your download starts!

Recording YouTube music video is far easier than you thought with the Streaming Video Recorder. You will record YouTube music videos in their original formats like .FLV or .MP4. But after downloading them, the inbuilt ‘Convert’ function will enable you to change the video to any proper video/audio format of your choice. So you have the choice to transfer video to iPod, iPad or any portable media player.

What I’m talking about above is how to record YouTube music with the video. I guess many times you just want the get the audio song only. Of course you can achieve this by using the Streaming Video Recorder I mentioned above. You just need to use the “Converter” in this software to convert the downloaded music video to mp3 or other audio format, and then you will get the song without video.

Record YouTube song without video

You can get the job done even easier by using a special software named Streaming Audio Recorder. It is designed for recording music and radio from all the online audio resource.

This all-in-one audio recording software features audio recorder, audio converter, music downloader, music searcher, CD ripper and burner, and you can even use it to as an iPhone ringtone maker. With this perfect audio recorder, you can do all that you want to do on audio files. Learn how to record YouTube audio with Streaming Audio Recorder.

I hope you find this post helpful and tell me how to do this job better, I’m sure there are some better ways.