How to record YouTube videos

Why YouTube is the hottest video sharing site

YouTube launched in 2005 and purchased by Google in 2006, quickly grow to be the hottest video sharing site. There are many reasons for this. As a fun of YouTube, I have to say, you can find anything you want from YouTube like old classic music, player or how to cook a strange fish you got from market. And you can upload any video you have to YouTube at the same time, that’s the reason we love YouTube.

While you are surffing on YouTube, some of YouTube videos really worth to be saved to your PC for other video creating, teaching, training, sharing, or just transfer to mobile devices for ringtone.

Here we are going to talk about how to record YouTube video with both freeware and shareware.

Video Tutorials about how to record YouTube video

I record a video with Screen Recorder and upload to YouTube, show how to record YouTube videos with media catcher and Video Downloader.

Ways to Record YouTube videos

Streaming Media catcher tool

These tools use streaming recording technology to record video and audio from website.
Like Streaming Audio Recorder, streaming video Recorder, you just need to open YouTube video to play in your browser. The video will be detected and automatically recorded.
Some of famous media catcher tools are Getflv, Applian, Jaksta, streaming video recorder etc.

Download YouTube Video Recorder

Record YouTube by URL

Some video downloaders can directly record YouTube videos without open the videos, you only need to copy video address and paste it into the program, YouTube videos will be recorded easily.
There is a program I mentioned in the demo video, can be named YouTube Downloader, this tool can search, download, convert video from YouTube.

Free YouTube Video Downloader
This free YouTube downloader can be downloaded from, the UI is simple and easy to use.