How to replace audio in a video file

If you have an opportunity, would you like to make a video belong to yourself? I believe you do, because video can be used to preserve precious memory or record important conference. But during the process, many of you have different kinds of problems. I ever noticed a question like this:

Is there anyone know a program to replace audio in a video simply? I recorded a video, but its audio was quite noisy. I wanna add my audio to it. I’m waiting for your answer, thanks.

As a matter of fact, you can solve this problem easily and quickly. I said so because I’m going to tell you two methods to add audio to a video.

Workable solutions to replace audio in video

Method one: Streaming Video Recorder

In order to add audio to video, you had better take advantage of a program. Streaming Video Recorder is definitely a good tool to replace original audio with yours in a video. The process to handle this is also very easy and convenient.

How to replace audio in a video file via this program

  • Download and launch it
  • Choose Convert and Add to import video into the program
  • Left click the speaker icon below the video file name
  • Choose No audio first and then click Add audio to replace the original audio
  • Click Start to convert video format and quality you want


Follow my steps, you will make it. But don’t ignore other functions it has. For example: download videos in batch, convert video to different formats, record screen for live streaming video etc. If you need, you can readily realize this all-in-one with this program. It leaves out unnecessary troubles and saves time.

Method two: Windows Live Movie Maker

Providing that you just look for a simple program to replace audio in video, maybe you are interested in Windows Live Movie Maker. The reason I choose it is that it’s free and professional video editor.

Steps to add audio to a video with this app

  • Import video to Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Choose Edit and click Video volume
  • Drag the sound to mute
  • Choose Home and click Add music to replace the original sound
  • Click Save movie in top right to save your video file


You are free to edit audio in a video by setting the audio start time and end time. This program is also widely used in merging video into one and editing photos.

If you met such problem again, don’t hesitate to use above way to settle your trouble.