Infinitely Rip Online Video from Websites

If you have no sufficient time to watch a favorite video or movie online, it is also nice to rip online video to computer for playback later. Actually watching videos offline can be smoother since there will no pauses or even disconnection that caused by unstable internet connection.

Of course, in that case, you will be able to view the video file in your preferred way. For example, burning video to DVD then enjoy it with your friends and families on TV. Or comfortably enjoy videos at anywhere and anytime by ripping online video to handhold devices like mobile phones, iPad, PSP, etc.

Are you baffled in how to rip online videos? Are you just thinking about above merits to watch videos without network?

Online Video Ripper will provide you with an effortless way to accomplish this task. It is a professional tool designed to rip online streaming video in most efficient way. And together with other salient functions including convert video, instantly play video, edit video and rip videos on pc screen, giving you all-around support and incredible convenience.

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Rip Online Video at High Speed in Less Time:

Download the program off net. Then install and launch it on computer desktop. You will see the concise interface as above. There are two available ways for you to rip online video stream.

Main way is to download videos from video sources:

Most video-sharing sites are offering existing and open videos to view, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, VEVO, abc, TwitVideo, yahoo video, iFilm, MTV, etc, you just need several clicks to download them from websites.

Step 1, navigate to the webpage with intended video and play the video.

Step 2, the software get the real video url and present it to you for confirming to download. Just click “OK” to start ripping online video with audio pronto.

Practically, it can rip a host of videos at same time.
Say rip video from YouTube in batch, just open all the YouTube videos, the software will discover all the video url and you just click “Ok” to queue them to download. Besides, you can close up the browser or webpage with videos to save network resource, the downloading will not be stopped.

Backup way is to rip online video directly from computer screen or media player.

how to rip online videos

For some websites like Hulu, Netflix, programs are prohibited to download video files. And some live video or TV sites like ustream, wwiTV, CNN (live), livestream, are technologically can’t be downloaded as video files. There are still no any snags about how to rip online videos from those websites with “Record Screen”.

Precise step by step instructions, you can refer to how to capture Hulu video.

More you can do with Online Video Ripper:

Process Videos

You can either convert or edit videos, the powerful converting settings covering many common video and audio formats to convert to, e.g. mp4, avi, wmv, 3gp, mp3, flac, wma. In another word, the smart utility enables you to be capable of ripping online video for viewable on many digital media players like, PSP, XBOX, iPod.
It also allows you to edit videos by customizing the detailed codec like resolution, bit rate and frame rate and trim or crop video as you like.