Best Bet to Rip Video from YouTube

It is extenuating scenarios of you to rip videos off YouTube. Probably because you want to save videos to computer for better viewing experience without slow internet connections and annoying buffering or to avoid difficulty of accessing videos that you like after being buried under a bunch of new videos.

Furthermore, increasingly mobile handheld devices enable you to enjoy videos on the go, so ripping YouTube video to iPod, iPhone, PSP, cell phone, etc is also in possible need. But when you look for download option on YouTube, you will end up with scratching puzzlement as there is no chance to do so.

Whatever purposes, you can use fabulous program to rip video from YouTube.

download youtube video ripperDownload YouTube Video Ripper now

rip video from YouTube

YouTube Video Ripper with advanced technology and concept guarantee you easily get exactly what you see, considerate design embedded with video converter and video player, getting rid of hassles to view videos on preferred media players. And extra function to capture computer screen gains you more superiorities to record online videos.

Learn about how to rip YouTube video:

Download the program and then after fast installation, set up it.

1. Open the webpage with video that you want to rip in browser. You can play multiple target videos for automatically downloading in bulk.

2. The ripper will sniff incoming video streams from YouTube and rapidly rip them all together from internet to your local hard disc.

3. When video is downloaded completely, just play it with the inlaid video player. You can also add it to convert to either video or audio formats e.g. avi, mpg4, mov, wmv, mp3, aac, wav, ogg. Or rip video from YouTube to designated output devices including, mobile phone, PS3, iPod.

Other Abilities You Obtained:

Rip Videos from Lots of Websites

The smart tool is workable not only to but also to many online video sites such as, Google video, Myspace, Dailymotion, vimeo, TwitVid, CNN. Thus, apart from ripping YouTube video, you are able to rip much more videos from other resources.

Rip Videos on Screen

how to rip YouTube video

The “record screen” characteristic is the best means to record protected videos, for example, record flv video from Hulu and record Netflix movies. It serves as a screen recorder to capture any live videos or embedded videos in high quality upon computer screen.

Manual Way to Rip Videos off YouTube:

Actually after watching a YouTube video, the video may be stored in the browser’s Internet temporary folder before closing it. You can save it by copying the video file to computer folder. If you use IE explorer, you can find the video file by clicking, Tools> Internet Options> Settings of Browsing history>View files. Usually the video file is in largest size.

This method to rip video from YouTube is suitable for people who have enough time to play the video to the end or only need to rip several videos without further conversion.

About YouTube

Sharing and watching tutorial video clips, gameplay videos, TV shows, movies, music videos, etc, YouTube is the first choice for a majority of people. For it is such a well-known video-sharing website that constantly enriched by individuals or other media corporations like VEVO and Hulu. The YouTube video ripper introduced in article will be best assistance for you.