Rip videos from Facebook

Set up in 2004, Facebook has earned its founder Mark Zuckerberg big fame. It is an undergraduates’ social communication website originated from Harvard, but now it has a wide broad appeal in the world. Almost 85% students have a Facebook file and log in frequently.

Facebook offers users to upload super volume photos and videos with its refined processing software. You may often get photos on Facebook with usual ways, but what if you want to rip a video from Facebook? It is not so easy to rip video off Facebook, because Facebook doesn’t provide an outlet to download videos straightly from the website, the ordinary users may not be able to figure out how to rip Facebook videos.

rip videos from Facebook

Generally there are two methods for you to rip videos from Facebook. One is to use the Greasemonkey code in the Userscripts on Facebook to download it. But the second one requires you to download and run Firefox, so it will be difficult if you don’t get a clue of operating Firefox.

Another is to record video from website directly. Streaming Video Recorder is a good choice for you to rip videos from Facebook. It is an expert video recorder to detect and record any videos on the websites you are opening or watching. Once you start the recorder and play a video online, this magic tool will record and download videos and music automatically.

And I will tell you the way to rip videos from Facebook clearly as follows:

1. As you download the Video Recorder, you can install it and make use of it immediately. Start up it, and you get the videos you are opening without a minute. That’s the greatest highlight and advantage of it. Its operation is so easy that you needn’t to take any effort to complete it and rip videos from Facebook. Wonderful Facebook video ripper!

rip video off Facebook

2. In another way, you choose to use the Greasemonkey code. You can find the code of your videos in the Userscripts on the web page. Then you can paste the code in Firefox to rip video off Facebook. This measure may require you to do some complicated manual work, but it is also available way.

Compare these two methods, you may find using Video Recorder, you will not waste your precious time and it is the fastest tool to rip a video from Facebook.

Download Streaming Video Recorder

As a plus to this tool, an omnipotent built-in converter is also serviceable. As Facebook is synchronous with Twitter, Friend feed, and even your mobile phone, you may wish to rip Facebook videos and convert them to other formats to view them on your mobile phone. So that you can know what’s your friend’s recent craze videos and fresh news without delay and respond to your friends. It supports to convert nearly every kind of formats into other sorts of formats, including AVI, MPEG-4, WMV, WMA, MP3, ACC etc. With it, you can effortlessly grab 3gp videos and put videos to iPod by clicking “Add to iTunes” in the interface of the recorder.

After you deliberating the merits of this Video Recorder, you may be confident in that this kind of Facebook video ripper will not let you down to rip a video from Facebook fast and efficiently.