How to rip videos from YouTube

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How Do I Rip Videos From YouTube?

I want to know if there is a program I can download to actually rip videos from YouTube and have them be somewhat of a good quality. I use but it really sucks. It makes the videos be really low quality. And when I play them on my iPod I can barely see the video. So is there some sort of YouTube video ripper thing that can rip videos off YouTube with good quality?

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You will need to download Streaming Video Recorder – a professional YouTube video ripper to help. online video downloader ripper  that helps you download compressed and high definition video from the web, saving its exact high quality copy to your hard drive. The work flow is when  you are start viewing the video on the web, Video Recorder will grab the video immediately. Using YouTube video ripper, you can simply rip videos from YouTube, rip video from YouTube, and rip videos off YouTube to computer.

Video Tips about how to rip YouTube video

Software used in this video Demo is YouTube Downloader

how to rip videos from YouTube With Video Recorder

Step1: Download YouTube video ripper to your computer, and launch it.

Tips: Lanuch  “Add URL” button, you can add a video URL to download, or you just play the video in your browser.

Step2: You can use “settings” to set the video rip folder before ripping videos from YouTube.

Step3: Open YouTube, and choose your favorite videos. When the videos start to play, the YouTube video ripper will immediately record it and start to rip it while you continue surfing the web. You can stop the progress at any time.

Step4: Open the download directory to view your ripped YouTube videos. Note, the video ripped from YouTube is FLV format, you need to use video converter in the program to convert them into other video formats, you can even rip youtube video to MP3 audio format.

Download YouTube video ripper

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