How to save Hulu video

Hulu always display latest hot TV shows and episodes and movie trailers from NBC, ABC, Fox or CBS. If you like to watch current heat broadcasts at high quality, Hulu will be a regular website for you to visit.

Hulu Plus Subscription

If you want to freely enjoy all current and hit season shows, you can also consider monthly subscription fee of Hulu Plus which is 7.99/month. It also offers you services to watch Hulu videos with Smartphone, Xbox, Sony play station, smart TV and so on.

Save video from Hulu to Your own computer

Nonetheless, is it the only way to facilitate you to enjoy Hulu videos? Perhaps you may also want to save Hulu video to watch it offline or playback with other portable gadgets at else time and elsewhere. However, Hulu doesn’t like YouTube or Metacafe or Dailymotion or such kinds of video sharing websites. It provides free but protected videos, so that you will find many common tools that you use to save videos from websites become useless.

When encounter Hulu-like videos (protected videos), there is still a good solution is to save Hulu video on your own computer screen.

save hulu videoDownload handy Hulu Video Recorder

save hulu videos

Use the Hulu video Recorder which is designed to record online videos by either instant downloading as video file or capturing from PC screen. It also has functions to convert and edit Hulu videos for watching in more ways.

Step by step tutorial

1. Get and run the Hulu Video Recorder. Play your desired Hulu video.

copy hulu videos

2. Click “Record Screen” to create a recording box on your computer desktop, then click “OK” to start to copy Hulu videos to hard disc, as shown:

save video from hulu

This Hulu Video Recorder is a light and easy to use program. It takes you a little time to start your recording task to save video from hulu, whilst gives you a high quality recorded Hulu video as original. You can further process videos for viewing with many other mobile players.

Many programs are not able to save Hulu videos. Below I will list some of them:

Any Video Converter

Actually it is a specialized program to convert videos rather than download videos. Its way of downloading videos is to copy and paste video URL to it, then it will start to download videos. I tested some Hulu videos, but there is no respond from the program to copy Hulu videos. The status is always waiting for downloading. While it works with YouTube videos.

Hulu video downloader

I suspect there is malware of the program, since my antivirus program kept reminding me the program is not safe.

It is a browser type video downloading tool that you play target Hulu video within it, and it will detect video file to save Hulu videos. I click and play some Hulu videos, I get some videos to download. But after check the video, all of them are advertisements rather than real Hulu videos. See, Hulu video downloader is also out of luck to save Hulu video.