Saving Internet Videos to Computer with Ease

I believe that when surf Internet, many people will spend a fair amount of time on video sites. For there are increasingly video websites and big community sites like FaceBook, MySpace are offering us a big free stage to search, watch, upload and share videos online.

To those attractive or exciting or informative or funny or impressed videos, have you ever wanted to save videos off Internet? You perhaps intend to collect these videos to playback at your own will and avoid inaccessible to them when they have been removed on site.

Another practical issue is that many of us may have no enough time to watch all desired videos at computer. Therefore it will be an urgent demand to save videos from Internet to computer. Only by achieving that, will we be able to watch them later in our free time.

If you are in the middle of looking for a tool to save internet videos to computer, you have come to a right place to make it. Especially for video fans, Streaming Video Recorder can help you keep a host of hot videos, fantastic videos to your hard disk easily.

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Next, follow quick instructions to show you how to save internet videos with the smart video recorder:

1. After finish downloading the recorder, immediately install it to computer for operating.

2. In order to better manage your video files and downloading process in order to save videos off Internet, just click “Option” to specify an output directory and precise settings.

how to save internet videos

3. Open browser to navigate to your target video page. And at the same time the video start playing, the streaming video recorder will initiatively detect the real URL of video and be triggered to download from it speedily.

4. When complete downloading, you can watch the video with default video player or the built-in one conveniently. To trim or crop video dimension are enabled.

Note: You don’t need to let the video ongoing on webpage when the downloading task is implementing. The recorder will not stop downloading even if you close the browser. And it doesn’t occupy much bandwidth and will not slow down your other events on net.

Isn’t it time and labor saving to resolve the problem of how to save internet videos with it? Nonetheless, it is also a video converter and definitely fulfills your expanded needs.

To conclude the merits to save Internet videos to computer with streaming video recorder:

1. Work with many websites– You are able to save videos from websites including mostly popular video sites such as YouTube, CNN, yahoo video, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Megavideo, Wat TV, NBA video, RedTube, etc.

2. Download videos in batch– It’s efficient to save video clips off internet in bulk that is if you have several videos wanting to save, it can download them at one time.

3. Video format Converter– After downloading you can convert video formats at your disposal and put YouTube videos on iPod or any other portable gadgets.

Now you should have got the best streaming video recorder here and it will be a good helper for you to save videos from Internet to computer for enjoying videos at anytime and anywhere.