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Screen Video Recorder

Screen Video Recorder is an easy to use program that is specialized in screen video recording. It is a versatile recorder to record video from computer screen, that is, it can be used to record online streaming videos, Internet TV, video chat, DVD/VCD videos, etc. What's more, it's also a smart tool for making your own videos like game play movies, "How-to" demo. Just use it to flexibly record video on PC desktop in full screen and intended or random region as you like.

The software is based on desktop to execute recording tasks. Therefore you are capable of recording everything happened on computer screen includes online and local activities.

Merits of Screen Video Recorder:

Pluralistic Tool to Record Computer Screen

Online Content to Record-

a. Website videos from YouTube, Metacafe, MySpace, Hulu, Vimeo, Redtube, Veoh, CNN, etc

b. Video chat/talk on MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Skype, Gmail video chat application and so on

Offline Content to Record-

a. Desktop manipulations or activities

b. DVD or VCD videos that broadcasted on computer

c. Videos played with VLC, windows media player or other media players

Multiple Modes to Record Videos

You can record video from computer screen in full screen mode, fixed area mode, around cursor mode and designated window mode.

record computer screen

Record Screen Videos without Time Limitations

For long video or continuous videos, you can record them as long as you want. There is no maximum recording time of the recorder.

Make Videos from Computer Desktop

Screen Video Recorder is a loyal tool to record everything even thumbnail on desktop at high quality.

Thus it is super suitable to be used to record your cool game play movies to share with friends. Or make a demo to show how to do something on computer or create a video tutorial of software. Even you can involve yourself by your webcam into the video to get "picture-in-picture" effect and input the microphone sound from you to give some explanations if needed. In one word, it will definitely help you make excellent computer desktop videos.

Support Screenshot Function

With it, you are either able to record computer screen as videos or images. Select the desired content and region then release the mouse. So the snapshot can be stored as different image formats.

Support Record Videos on the Sneak

You can choose hide the recording area edge and minimize the program to system tray so that the recording process can proceed in background and the output video will not be disturbed by program image.

The Quick Start Guide to Record Video from Computer Screen:

Step1, download Screen Video Recorder then install and launch it.

Note: The first time startup the program, you need to assign the audio input to system sound (speaker) or device sound (e.g. microphone) according to your needs and remember to click "OK" to confirm the settings.

record video from computer screen

Step2, before recording, you can set related options regarding recording process, output video file and image file.

Check the default settings and change them as you want.

You can choose whether to animate mouse clicks or record cursor or highlight recording area, etc.

You can enable record computer screen with microphone sound import or disable audio recording. And specify store place and format of captured image.

Step3, customize recording region then click "Start" button to begin recording and click "Stop" to complete it.

Or you can alternatively press the specified "hotkey" to start and stop record video from computer screen without pop up program window.

Step4, after recording, you can check the recorded video instantly by clicking "Play" button.

Overall, Screen Video Recorder will be a good helper for you to record online videos for freely playback offline or copy videos from DVD. You can record anything you want from websites and PC desktop or make your own videos to share with others.

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