Streaming Video Knowledge and Software

About Streaming Video Technology

Watching video instantly without waiting for downloading complete, this is merit that streaming video technology brings to you. The streaming videos on most video sharing websites like YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo are streamed by their own respective specialized streaming servers, thereby audiences are able to watch videos as they are constantly downloaded or received from Video Streaming Servers to your end.

Streaming Video Formats

A normal digital video file is not ready for being streamed over Internet, so it should be compressed to proper video format, this is called encoding.

Below are the most commonly used streaming video file formats:

1. Adobe Flash (e.g. Flv, Swf)
2.MPEG (e.g. Mpeg4)
3. Windows Media (e.g. wmv)
4. Quicktime (e.g. Mov)
5. RealMedia (e.g. Rm)

Different Streaming Media formats have different pros and cons. In order to reach wider range of viewers across web, it’s better to encode media content to suitable format with proper parameter like bit rate, resolution, frame rate, so as to transmit video streams well over various bandwidths.

Some free encoding & convert software:

Microsoft Windows Media Encoder latest version

Adobe Flash Media Encoder

Flash Media encoding programs from Adobe Corporate, including both Windows and Mac versions.


Best video quality but relatively lower file size, easy to set encoding speed and video size or quality, initiatively detect and analyze video file input and suggest suitable settings.


It offers comprehensive tools and options, support process videos into many possible formats. It’s more suitable for advanced users.


It’s very simple to use and multi-platform video converting program. Support direct conversion to Apple products. Intuitive options and tools are easy to master by newbie.

Streaming Method

Streaming Video Server

Video websites providers are primarily using this method to provide true streaming videos. Streaming Server offers streaming video hosting service to deliver consistent and complete on-demand video streams. And using Streaming Video Server can relief network traffic and only occupy a little hard drive memory of end-users, since there is no requirement for viewers to download entire video file.

Advantages for viewers and providers:

1. Fastest way to play any requested videos
2. Control how videos to be watched
3. Quick forward to any point of video
4. Protect video privacy and prevent wrongful video redistribution
5. Ability to bear heavy traffic loads

Trick: Streaming Video Websites like YouTube, Myspace, Yahoo! Video, are offering public videos. If you want to take videos from YouTube, you can try YouTube Video Recorder. Or record Yahoo video with a Streaming Video Recorder which is the best solution for you to record video from internet.


There is another streaming way which is called pseudo or progressive streaming. That is to use web server rather than extra streaming video hosting server to deliver video clips. It simulates true streaming video that viewers can watch video when a portion of video has been downloaded.
Compared to real streaming video, there are some disadvantages:
1. Unable to forward to certain point of video if downloading process hasn’t reached
2. Unable to handle big traffic loads
3. Out of control of how video appear on viewers’ end

Process of streaming videos

1. Capture
Using video input devices like Camcorder and VHS tape to capture your video, then digitize and store it. For video content, you can try Firewire capture card to directly stored video from camcorders or VCR to computer hard disk.

2. Encoding
After videos are saved on computer, you should encode them to specific streaming video format like, flv, mpeg4. According to your precise needs to show the videos on website, the video parameters including resolution, frame rate, bit rate, etc are supposed to be properly specified. The streaming video encoder is designed for helping you achieve this conversion.

3. Upload
Choose the best Video Streaming Server for you, according to video file formats and other detailed needs. Finally upload your video content to Streaming Video Server.

4. Serve
Once videos are uploaded to Streaming Server, then video streams will be sent to viewers over protocol like “http”, thus viewers can watch them on webpage in the way you designated. In order to watch streaming videos, viewers’ browsers need to install Adobe flash player or Windows Media player.

Streaming Video Server

A good Streaming Video Server will improve viewing experience and widen video playing cross-section range and facilitate you to host streaming videos in many other aspects. There are many powerful and good Streaming Video Servers, e.g.

Adobe Flash Media Server

Apple Quicktime Streaming Server

Videolan Streaming Solution

How to download Streaming Videos from websites?

The top solution will be Apowersoft Streaming Video Recorder. The enhanced program is very active to download Streaming movies and videos from any online video sites you like. Namely, it’s a good assistant to help you copy Facebook videos to computer and download Myspace video easily off internet. Furthermore, you can use the video converter within it to download YouTube videos to MP4, MOV, Mp3 and so on.