How to take video from YouTube

How to take videos from YouTube and put them onto your iPod?
Lets say that there is a excellent video I found on YouTube, and I want to take this video from YouTube and save it on my iPod, is that possible? I have no idea how to do this, so if somebody could explain how to take video from YouTube to me in a simple way, it would be greatly appreciated! — Aimee

Users upload their video clips, songs or movies to YouTube every day, but you do not always have the permission to take video from YouTube. Many people are full of curious about how to take videos off YouTube into a format so the videos can be played on their iPod or iPad.

Thankfully, now there are lots of solutions on the net that will allow you to not just take videos from YouTube but also to convert the videos to any video format that the iPod, iPhone, cell phone or iPad requires.

If you want to take videos off YouTube, all you need is an appropriate software app. Streaming Video Recorder is designed to record streaming video, now it works  for over 1000 streaming video sites. It is one of the easiest ways to take a video from YouTube-like video sites. What’s more, this app provides you with a powerful video converter, which can convert YouTube video to iPod, iPad or any other device corresponding formats.

The steps to take video from YouTube:

You’ll need to download Streaming Video Recorder first, then install and run it. Click “Settings” to select the video folder.

Now go to, find a video you want and have it played. When the streaming video starts playing, this little app can automatically detect it and help you to take video off YouTube and save it onto your desired video folder on pc.

take video from YouTube

After video downloading is completed, you can click “Convert” to the video converter window, there you can directly convert YouTube video to iPod MPEG4, PS3 DivX, iPhone h.264 or others.

Streaming Video Recorder is indeed a wise way to take videos off YouTube to your system and get them to play on your favorite portable media player device.

YouTube Downloader to take videos from YouTube:

YouTube Downloader works similar as Streaming Video Recorder which allow you to take video from YouTube and give you the converting function to convert videos for any media player.

The only different between them is the s way how to take video off YouTube. By using YouTube Downloader, you’ll have to manually copy and paste the URL to take video from YouTube. Suppose you found a video on YouTube and you want to save it onto your computer, you have to copy the URL of this video page and then paste it to the video download box to download it.

take videos off YouTube

After downloading, you could use the video converter it gives you to convert the downloaded YouTube videos.

This is also a practical way to take videos off YouTube and build your video collections. So, why not have a try?

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