Top 10 Streaming Video Websites

Now randomly pick up a video sharing website, you are allowed to watch the video instantly. To watch video, you don’t need to wait for fully download of it. Why? Because the video is constantly sent to you by the website provider’s video player, and you watch it as it arrives. This is the technology of Streaming Video.

Another good apply of this technology is to broadcast live video content. This is the reason that why we can watch many fabulous and exciting sport matches or worldwide events online in real time. While, do you know the best streaming video sites that most people like? You can get introductions of some popular and hot websites below, and hope you can find a website fit your needs.

Top 10 Streaming Video Websites

1. YouTube

Although many video websites claim that they are alternatives of YouTube, YouTube is still the best and biggest video sharing website so far. It is the top video streaming site that all users can upload share videos easily for free, and you don’t need to be a registered user for watching any videos of YouTube. Now go and watch the latest and popular videos on YouTube.

YouTube likes a video library contains thousands of videos that concerning almost every topic. If you want to watch the video out of the “library”, you can use a YouTube Video Recorder to record videos off YouTube for watching them offline on computer or put YouTube videos on iPod and other digital devices for viewing portably.

2. Google Video
google video

It is an online video search engine of Google, you can benefit from the advantage of searching to find wanted video from millions of videos that come from numerous sources over the web. For example, you can search videos by entering keyword, video duration, upload time or source. It indexes video clips, TV shows, movie and entire episodes from YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo,,etc. It’s a popular video website for you to discover more good video sites to visit and more excellent videos to watch.

If you want to record Google video, of course, you need a comprehensive Streaming Video Recorder to help you deal with any video websites and resources. It gains you ability to download video from Google in two convenient ways. Respectively they are direct download videos as files and record videos on computer desktop.

3. Dailymotion

It is the second largest video sharing website after YouTube and also a multi-language site attracts users from all around world. It allows users to upload videos up to 2G size and 60 minutes long. You can record video with webcam or mobile devices then upload videos to Dailymotion easily. Browsing and searching videos in which you are interested are very easy with search box and filter within the categories.

As for download Dailymotion videos, there are many methods you can use, such as, completely watch wanted Dailymotion video and get video file it in the browser’s temporary internet folder. Or you can use totally automatic way to record website video from Dailymotion, which resembles the means to record YouTube movies.

4. Vimeo

Vimeo is top video streaming site which primarily focuses on sharing original user generated video content. On that community, there have been had many popular short films from indie filmmaker and people who have passion for films. White House post HD news broadcast on it, and there are many music videos from popular singers like Kanye West, Britney Spears.

Therefore, you will have chances to enjoy vast numbers of well-designed HD videos and viral videos, and also learn and exchange skills to make videos. With good website organization and high supported upload conditions, you are going to be fond of watching and sharing videos on Vimeo. So you are likely to download Vimeo videos for later replay, there are many great original Vimeo videos worth everlasting collection.

5. Hulu

You always can find different latest TV networks’ movies, web series, season shows, etc from ABC, CBS, NBC, Nickelodeon, Disney and FOX. The high quality and full length of media content will attract you to watch videos on it regularly.

While, it’s not easy to record flash video from Hulu as you do to rip videos from YouTube. Because, Hulu videos are protected with DRM and prevented from direct downloading, thus many programs of you will become useless. Best way to record Hulu video is to capture it on your computer screen with powerful Hulu Recorder.

6. Megavideo

Actually it is a big video upload and download section of Megaupload. On the front page, you can browse video by most viewed or most recent. There are more extensive categories available like, comedy, video games, science and technology. The upload video size’s upper limit is 2G and that of download is 1G for free users.

But if you want to batch download Megavideo video and further use it. Making use of a proper Megavideo downloader will save you time and effort to download Megavideo movies and video clips. This site is one of best streaming video sites that is maintained in 20 languages including, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese.

7. Metacafe

Metacafe are full of short videos for sports, video game, music, movie trailers and TV. They are fresh and HD original video clips from Metacafe which will really offers you an eye feast. If you don’t know the most recent Hollywood blockbuster or popular movies, Metacafe is site for you to get learn that. More excellent videos are waiting for you. Once you encounter a heart’s video on it, just download video from Metacafe as you expect, then you can grab music as ringtone or show it with friends on your devices.

8. Justin TV -broadcast yourself

Which website is a good choice for watching live broadcast online? Justin TV should be taken into consideration. Many live broadcast channels from users are broadcasting everything, e.g. lifecasting, sports, news, game play, entertainment. If you are a registered user, you can chat with other users about the video.

How to record live video streams from Justin TV? Firefox download helper, orbit downloader, Getflv, etc are not able to record Justintv live videos, they can only record embedded videos from websites.

Streaming Video Recorder is professional software to save Internet videos and record live streaming video from webistes including Justin TV and Twitch TV, Ustream. Don’t hesitate to use it to record livevideo from computer screen, the recorded videos is at original decent quality.

9. Break

Funny, awesome, creative, cool videos are what will provide for you. You will laugh and feel interesting and happy on that site. It is a popular video website for funny videos, and you can also make a funny video yourself and upload to it. If the video become popular on break, you will probably get paid.

Go to Break and find some entertainment now, then download break video to your Smartphone or different wireless devices for sharing with others.

10. Aol Video

AOL is short for American online. Aol video is dedicated video part of It’s very comprehensive that covers videos from many branded networks ranges from NBC to PopEater. You can check the Aol picks for current hot and latest videos. Use handy tool to either download video from American idol effortlessly or save videos from websites including AOL, CBS and PopEater.

More popular video websites:

Free Video websites for Sports


Official source for national football league, learn football schedules and status watch related fantasy football match.
It’s easy to download NFL videos with Apowersoft Streaming Video Recorder.


It provides comprehensive news and info for NBA, MLB, NFL, college football and basketball, etc. Try to download ESPN video in batch at high quality.


Vast numbers of professional wrestling videos are collected on WWE website, however, wwe videos are protected from downloading, so you can record WWE video from computer screen.

Watch Music videos


On MTV, you can watch latest music videos from your favorite artists. See tutorial about how to download videos from MTV.

Yahoo Music video

Yahoo videos are popular alongside with Yahoo!, music video are important portion of Yahoo videos, any questions and puzzlements to download Yahoo music videos can be easily solved.

YouTube Music video

You know many musicians and popular singers like to put music videos of new songs on YouTube, and users also like to upload music videos to share with more people. Here is a method to record YouTube music videos in a jiffy.