Top 10 Video Players

Choosing Streaming Video Recorder to the tool for you to download, record, convert and edit online or offline videos will be a right decision. Choosing a good video player is also important for us to enjoy videos without any glitches. You may think it is better of video player to take lesser time to launch and require lesser CPU resource. Or you may attach importance to interface and many other features. Whatever your preference might be, here is a list of top 10 video players for reference.

1. Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player

For windows users, it’s a video player with which you can’t familiar more, since it is bundled with the Windows OS to use.

It integrates optimally with windows media files and several other formats, including AVI, and set up quickly but requires not too much CPU utilization. Moreover, the new version now supports easy DVD ripping and burning, and enables you to stream media to devices.

Hence, it’s the best video player for windows, though there is always certain limitation with playable formats.

2. VLC media player

VLC player

It is a highly portable and cross-platform free media player. It works across Windows, Macintosh, and many Linux flavors.

Its interface is strictly simple but its capabilities will marvel you. The gratified fully customize design enables you to use it at your own will. E.g. you can choose needed icons to appear on toolbar. You can also use it to record video from Internet and transcode video.

The biggest advantage of this popular video player will be the wide range of media formats to playback including some subtitle formats. It’s also a good choice for DVD, CD and VCD playback.

3. KMPlayer


If you like a changeable skin and all the extensive functions are easy to access on main interface, KMPlayer will be the good video player to you. It is dedicated for windows and there are multiple languages are available.

It not only stands out to playback those essential media formats like Mp4, avi, wmv, ogg, wav, but also supports 3rd party codecs. It definitely powerful in deal with external codecs for playback and not affect your computer by installing those codecs.

4. GOM Media Player


I appreciate a number of advanced features to adjust video viewing effects. Such as, customize video image brightness, hub and saturation, and decrease or add noise to video. Repeat specified section of video with A-B repeat feature. A lot more settings you can try.

Although it’s a bit unstable to playback DVD discs, there is still a shining plus to play broken AVI video files (videos which are partly downloaded or received) very well.

5. UMPlayer


Over 270 video and audio codecs are inbuilt, for example AAC, AC3, AVI, DIVX, FLV, H.263, Matroska, MOV, MP3,MPEG, OGG, QT, RealMedia, VOB, Vorbis, WMA, XVID. You don’t need to worry about playback of DVD, CD, VCD dics and even damaged or broken video files.

If your video file can’t be ideally playback with current media player, don’t hesitate to try UMPlayer out. Another worth to mention point is that it offers instant access of YouTube and Shoutcast for effortless top video and audio instant watching or listening.

6. Media Player Classic Home cinema


If you are a fan of Media Player Classic, you are likely to be fond of using this program. Don’t deceived by the incredible small interface, actually it has vast features underneath.

It’s a good free video player bases on the DirectShow architecture and supports a wide range of video formats, and also known as “MPC.” If Quicktime and Realplayer are installed on your computer, it even can use them to play their native files. Better supports for Windows vista and 7, salient features like remove tearing and support for EVR renderer.

7. Real player


Since its debut in 1995, in addition to play videos, it also has been a functional program to download and convert web videos.

One-click video downloading function obviously attracts much more attentions from users than that of video playback purpose.

It enables you share video with a variety of social sites, like Facebook and YouTube. But if you want additional format conversion service, you need to pay the license fee to rip online video to much more extra formats.

8. QuickTime


This popular video player is developed by Apple. It has both Windows and Mac versions. It was downloaded millions of times. 98% of those downloads were from PC users. Many video websites require QuickTime to play videos and it works well.

As for video playing, the highlight will be perfectly HD video playback. It uses less bandwidth and storage to decoder and offer brilliant HD videos. It’s a nice choice for playing movies. QuickTime 7 or later starts to support video conversions, recording and editing.

9. Kantaris Media Player


The first thing which will catch your eye is the slick and modern interface. In my opinion, it is a ready for easy extensible video player. The develop group writes it in open source C# and sustainably improve it in many aspects.

It can automatically sync subtitle from internet to video while you are watching, and provide full screen mode and cool 3D effect.

10. Adobe Media Player


It was announced by Adobe Corporate. It will fulfill your basic video viewing needs and help manage your personal video library. The interface is simple and clean. It enables you to save your favorite Internet TV shows to computer.

But the search for video function is a drawback of it, namely, you are difficult to search the most-related media content with it.