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YouTube Video Recorder

YouTube Video Recorder

YouTube Video Recorder is a multifunctional video recording tool to facilitate you to record videos from YouTube which is one of the most well-known online video sharing sites. With this program, any streaming videos on YouTube can be easily recorded in automated way with only a couple of clicks, and it is capable of recording YouTube video at high quality without quantity limitation.

The smart Video Recorder is also able to convert YouTube videos aiming to enable you to smoothly playback them on the go or offline with many hot portable devices or other media players including iPod, PSP, cell phone , Xbox, Apple TV, Mp3 player, etc.

Main Advantages of YouTube Video Recorder

Simplified Manipulations

The advanced auto-detect video function will save your effort to directly and instantly record videos from YouTube when you open the webpage with target videos. There are also many customize options for you to record intended videos to local drive and get desired output video files as you want.

Efficiently Batch Record Videos and Occupy Less Bandwidth

This YouTube Video Recorder is different from some other solutions that need you play through the videos all the way for recording YouTube video. It can simultaneously detect and download multiple videos you expect at high download speed and save Internet resource for other online activities of you.

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Record and Play Videos at high Quality

The YouTube Video Recorder will record videos at excellent quality as original videos that you watch online. The pre-set video player allows you to view videos at HD level. You will gain abilities to trim and crop videos as well.

Compatible with Different Multimedia Devices

The built-in Video Converter is able to convert videos to enable you to watch them with mobile devices or other media players such as Creative Zune, Apple TV, iPod, cell phone, PS3, iPhone, Xbox.

The video formats which supported to convert including AVI, MPEG 4, MOV, MKV, WMV, H264, ASF, etc. Furthermore, you can extract audio from video to formats like MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV and WMA. So YouTube Video Recorder is a solid solution not only for how to record YouTube videos but also for how to transfer videos to any digital devices.

Actually you are also allowed to convert local videos in order to post them on YouTube or other websites or burn to DVD and CD disc.

Specified Precise Output Parameter

After right choosing an output video format to convert, you can change the settings of the video and audio codes to meet with detailed requirements. Resolution, bit rate, video encoder, frame rate and so on are included to customize.

How to Record YouTube Videos Tutorial:

Step 1

Download YouTube Video Recorder and then install and run it. An intuitive interface will appear.

Step 2

Open the video you want to download in browser and almost at meantime the program will discover the video source and prompt to you. Then you just click "OK" to start downloading.

Of course, you can open several webpage with target videos to record videos from YouTube with it in this way. Alternatively, you can add video URL to download.

Step 3

After video has been downloaded to your PC, you can add it to convert to any other format or mobile gadgets and you can change detailed parameters if necessary.

See, with YouTube Video Recorder, the hassle that how to record YouTube videos will be a simple task for you.

Why do you want to record videos from YouTube?

You may need this YouTube Video Recorder when encountering one of the following:

1. You want to watch videos smoothly offline to get rid of repetitive buffering case by low internet speed or when you can't get access to net.

2. You want to enjoy videos on your handheld devices rather than computer screen so that you can enjoy the videos at anytime and anywhere.

3. Store favorite YouTube videos before being removed or buried by updates.

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